The Butterfly

One day a child found a cocoon. Fascinated, the child watched as a tiny opening appeared and the butterfly inside started its arduous journey to freedom. Hours later the child became concerned at the seeming lack of progress – the butterfly appeared to be exhausted and was nowhere near escaping it cocoon prison.

Eager to see the butterfly in all its glory the child prised open the cocoon and the butterfly emerged into the world. But what lay before the child was not the riot of colour and beauty the child expected. Instead lay a sad and sorry sight; a creature with shrivelled wings, a swollen body and only a hint of its potential beauty.

The child watched the deformed creature for hours hoping that, at any moment, the wings would unfurl and the butterfly would fulfil its destiny and fly. But to the child’s dismay, the butterfly spent the rest of its short life crawling on the ground dragging its swollen body, its tiny deformed wings unable to lift it off the ground.

As the butterfly struggles to escape its cocoon, In order to blossom in life sometimes we need to struggle.

You see, the child in its haste to see beauty had not understood the need of the butterfly to struggle. For its struggle to free itself and push its body through a tiny opening is nature’s way of forcing the fluid from a butterfly’s body into its wings. It is this very struggle that allows the butterfly its freedom to soar.

Although painful, sometimes the struggles we face are exactly what we need in our lives. If life was an easy, obstacle free journey it would make us weak, and cripple our spirits – just like the butterfly’s lack of struggle crippled its wings. So work through life’s tough times, face each challenge, for tomorrow you will surely fly!



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