Not Capturing The Perfect Moments


I was travelling by train last week when I looked out of the widow to see the sky ablaze with the most perfect sunset. Instinctively, I turned towards Andrew to share this awesome moment, but he wasn’t there.

I was so caught up in the beauty that I had completely forgotten I was travelling alone.

I reached for my camera only to realise that it was packed in my suitcase. My phone was almost out of charge, and I was afraid to use the last of its energy.

My heart felt heavy as I could almost feel this breath-taking moment slipping away.

Then I realised: experiencing the moment was enough. It didn’t need to be shared, or photographed. It didn’t need social media comments – it was enough, just as it was.

I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling that perfect moments need to be captured. It’s almost as if the moment isn’t enough unless we share it, talk about it, somehow make it more ‘real’.

After all, a moment passes, and we are hardwired to want solidly and permanence in our lives. The ephemeral quality of perfect moments can unnerve us.

We want to stretch the good moments in our life by indelibly marking the fabric of social media, or filling our mobile memory with images.

But what if we savour all the beautiful, perfect moments in our lives. What if we accept that moments pass, they slip away when they are done.

What if we saw the fleeting time we had with each and every one of our precious moments as enough, without needing to capture or share them via our social media?

Sunflowers, captured at the perfect moments.

What if we pause right now, take a breath, see everything in this present moment (including ourselves) and appreciate it for what it is —– simply enough?


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