Standing Out In A Crowd | Red Lace And Attitude

When it comes to business, social etiquette involves us looking our best. Unfortunately, as a species, we are not yet evolved enough to judge people based on their character alone. Our success or failure is often based on visual indicators. These visual indicators are powerful things. Often people will come to conclusions about us before we even open our…

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Chic Guides

The Chic Guide To Looking Glam During The Cold And Flu Season

There’s a definite early morning nip in the air, which can mean only one thing; it’s the start of cold and flu season. A study (carried out by the University of Virginia) claims that during the average lifetime, we will suffer from about 200 colds – each lasting around nine days each. That’s a mind-blowing five years of headaches,…

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How To Enjoy Parties When You Are Shy And Want To Hide …

All year round letterboxes across the land, inboxes and phones fill up with invitations to parties. Ah the excitement of it all. What will you wear? Who will you meet? Will you make a few new friends? What do you mean you’ve been in an almost constant state of panic since you opened the envelope, and now you’re desperately…

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Fitness For Bloggers | Tips To Stay Fit At Your Desk

I was sitting hunched over my keyboard a few months ago, feverishly trying to finish my latest post when I felt a twinge in my back. Now twinges and I are old friends, but it got me thinking: how many bloggers are putting their bodies at risk with poor posture? Are there ways to avoid that end of day…

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What Are Your Spending Triggers? | How To Stop Emotional Spending

I think we’ve all done it – overspent to make ourselves feel better. And it works, yep for a nanosecond we feel the thrill of our purchase. And then we feel anxious, and the anxiety turns into guilt, and the guilt turns into anger, and the anger turns into depression – so we buy something to make ourselves feel…

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