Carnivals, 80’s Salesmen And Fizzy Sweets | Weekly Vlog Number Eight

After the week both Andrew and I have just had, it’s a wonder our brains aren’t slowly leaking out of our ears. Meeting after meeting, challenging salesperson after challenging salesperson – one of whom I honestly felt like punching.

Yes, it’s been a busy but somewhat eclectic week filled with hard work and laughs. It’s also been Ramsgate week, which has seen the little seaside town fill with events. Some of these events have been rather ordinary and expected (think craft fairs), some not so much.

Last Sunday found me at the most eclectic carnival I’ve ever had the pleasure to attend. It was as mad as a box of hairy eggs and twice and entertaining. Yes the floats were a bit hit and miss, yes some of the costumes had us scratching our heads, but it was a pleaser to see thousands of people coming together with the sole purpose of supporting their community and having a bit of fun.

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As I type this I as dressed as a pirate, cutlass included. Today is Ramsgate Pirate Day and participation in encouraged from young and old. The youngsters are usually the ones to swash their buckles but we’ve (yes Andrew is also sat beside me battering away on his computer looking rather fetching in his pirate get up) decided to join in this year. Any why not? My inner pirate is thrilled and my weird obsession with Captain Jack Sparrow is being somewhat satisfied by Andrew’s attire. Although, as he’s got a bit of weight to lose, he did claim to be Captain Fat Sparrow 😂

Later today there will be a pirate parade, and we’ll be there brandishing our cutlasses and demanding rum.

Until next week ahoy me maties and don’t forget – to err is human, to ‘arr’ is pirate 😂


  1. July 30, 2017 / 8:21 pm

    Lovely read, hope you had a super time. Love Ramsgate – there once was a fab nightclub there called Neros – loved going there back in the 80’s!! Thanks for sharing.

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