Broken By Salad, La La Land And Searching For Lobster | Weekly Vlog #2

If you watched last week’s vlog you will know that we decided to pop back to the boat for another mini break. Well, I say break but we do still work when we’re onboard – so it’s basically a change of scenery in a relaxing environment with no DIY. Although Andrew did decide to roll his sleeves up and polish the boat, no mean feat being as she’s a 55 footer!

Watch Weekly Vlog #2 Below

He’s slowly making his way from stern to bough (or the blunt end to the pointy end if you want to wind up the sometimes, how shall I say this, down to earth challenged members of the yatch club). What with broken back and necks, the poor old girl has been a bit neglected in recent years, but she’s shining up a treat!

Apart from foraging for food and a trip to Broadstairs, we didn’t really wander too far from Ramsgate. We simply soaked up the sun, ate out at some of our favourite restaurants and generally enjoyed each other’s company.

Healthy eating wise it wasn’t too bad a week. Although we ate out we tried, in the main, to stick to interesting salads, soups and light bites. We did indulge in haddock Benedict one morning and a full roast on the Sunday, and there may have been a few G&T’s thrown in for good measure. As I always say: enjoy the good things in life, just not every day.

I haven’t weighed myself this week and, if I’m perfectly honest, I don’t think I will have lost any weight. Yet I feel so much better in myself, fresh air, brisk walks and being away from the mayhem of DIY has definitely put some colour back in my cheeks and recharged my batteries. That was up until my stomach problems reared their ugly head yet again!

I hope you enjoyed weekly vlog #2. I’m not sure what we’ll be up to next week, if I’m up to anything interesting I’ll drag you along with me again. Catch you soon.

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