The Scarecrows Of Badsworth

Every year the people of Badsworth release their silly side and put on a bit of a show. They spend many hours planning, preparing and creating the most amazing display of scarecrows. Gardens burst with eye boggling creations. People flock from miles around to take photographs and have a bit of a laugh. And I love it!

Doctor Foster in a shower of rain. One of the scarecrows of Badsworth.Dr Foster's Badge.

It’s proof positive that there is still a sense of community in parts of this fractured county. It is also proof that Mr Chic and I are not the only people on the planet with a slightly deranged sense of humour.

Little Bo Peep looking for her sheep. One of the scarecrows of Badsworth. One of Little Bo peeps's scarecrow sheep.This year the theme was nursery rhymes and 48 homes took part. 48 households came together to be a bit silly, 48 households took the time to make people smile, 48 households sat and discussed the best nursery rhyme to portray. 48 households became a part of their community. In this country that’s torn apart by politics and mistrust of the very people we call our neighbours, isn’t that simply awesome?

Wee Willie Winkie scarecrow of Badsworth. Beware of the ogre sign. The mouse ran up the clock display. Miss Muffet scarecrow of Badsworth. How does your garden grow display. Humpty Dumpty scarecrow of Badsworth. Blackbirds baked in a pie.Little Miss Tuffett The spider

We left Badsworth with smiles on our faces, singing nursery rhymes as we skipped back to the car. And we weren’t the only ones to have our spirits lifted. I saw elderly ladies taking photographs and puzzling over some of the displays (some were easier to ‘name that nursery rhyme’ than others), children laughing and pointing out their favourites and grown men posing to have their photograph taken next to Minion scarecrows (Mr Chic included).

So I say allow a bit of daftness into your life, have a laugh with your neighbours and visit the scarecrows of Badsworth next year if you’re in the area. Release your silly side and smile 🙂




    • June 26, 2016 / 11:36 am

      As you know, we’ve just put the house on the market. We had to go around de-Minioning every room, just love the little guys 🙂

      Michelle xx

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