The Masters Of Saturday

Yesterday morning I woke up, gave my husband a good morning kiss and told him that today we are The Masters.

We are the Masters Of Saturday, (which isn’t quite as cool as being Masters Of The Universe, but you can’t have everything) and we have the power to make this Saturday one of the most awesome days ever.

We are not equipped with unlimited power, but we have enough influence to make today incredible.

How are we going to do it? We need to:

  • Choose activities that we love, or transform ordinary chores into awesome activities.
  • Really appreciate each activity and revel in its awesomeness.

We spent half an hour just thinking about what we could do to make yesterday awesome, which in itself was an awesome activity 🙂

Here’s what we planned:

  1. We’ll have a cooked breakfast (Mr Chic is going to cook this as his breakfast’s rock)
  2. We’ll eat breakfast in bed
  3. We will see how fast we can walk around the local lake (we have promised ourselves we will exercise so we’re turning it into a bit of a game)
  4. We will have a late lunch at a local restaurant that we love
  5. We’ll go to the farmer’s market and fill the fridge with goodness, but we’ll challenge ourselves to try some new produce
  6. We’ll set up our projector so we can watch some DVD’s on our screen in the evening
  7. We’ll cook dinner using some of the new produce that we’ve bought
  8. We will break open a bottle of our favourite fizz
  9. We will snuggle all evening
  10. I’ll have a bubble bath, Mr Chic will do a bit of internet surfing

We went through the entire day, with mindfulness and appreciation – we took nothing for granted. We didn’t sweat the small stuff and we were grateful for our Saturday of much awesomness.

The day did not go exactly as planned, so we were flexible. But I love that we spent time imagining the perfect Saturday, and that it was within our power to create it.

We can’t be Masters every day, we have to take what life throws at us, or we have obligations and constraints within which we have to work. And that’s OK, but as Masters Of Saturday we had the power to make it awesome.

As fellow Master’s Of Saturday, or Sunday, or any day, what will you do with your power?

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