The Adventures Of A Female Jet Jockey

OK, the title of this post may be a teensy bit misleading – I am not an actual female jet jockey (generally, the term piston pilots use when referring to the pilots of jet airoplanes). But I have been hurled through the sky at over 400 mph, oxygen mask firmly strapped in place, wearing a very fetching Nomex, RAF flight suit in this:

Jet Provost flying

Isn’t she a beauty? Her name is Vim (as her registration number is G-VIVM) and she’s a Jet Provost T Mk 5P. A prototype, she’s the only one of her kind – bit like me really 🙂

Here’s a video showing Vim in action from the cockpit perspective. No that’s not me – I looked way cooler!

I underestimated the interest that Barefaced Chic readers would have regarding my adventure with Vim. I always planned to blog about it, but I had so many comments and emails after my Doing Things #LikeAGirl post which included a pic of me and Vim, that I thought I’d better get my skates on!

A female jet jockey getting in to a Jet Provost T Mk 5P
Female jet jockey standing near a jet.
Doing something #LikeAGirl flying a jet

If you’re wondering who the very handsome fellow is on my left, he’s actually my father-in-law; Ken. He’s an honest to goodness jet jockey, as is Andrew – am I a lucky girl or what? Who knows, maybe I’ll be the third Lyndon-Dykes to get my jet wings – watch this space.

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