Sunshine, Lunch And The Broadstairs Folk Week – Those Were The Days

A folk dancer's hatThe sun was shining, the beer was flowing and the crowds had gathered for Broadstairs Folk Week – ah, those were the days! It feels like eons, yet just a few weeks ago I was soaking up the sun in Ramsgate enjoying a very welcome break.

At the time, I didn’t want to over stuff The Barefaced Chic posts with my Ramsgate adventures; although I did cover a few of them. But now Autumn is beginning to creep its dull, misty fingers over most of the days and I’m feeling in need of some Summer sun. So slip on your sun hat and take a walk with me through the eclectic mix that is The Broadstairs Folk Week.

A busy beach at Broadstairs Folk Week
Morris Dancers at Broadstairs Folk Week
Morris dancers dressed in blue
Deocrative owls.Craft fair at Broadstairs
Stall at a craft fair
Crowds in Broadstairs

Phew! What an assault, all be it a rather fabulous one, on the senses. Well, after all that colour and fun we just had to stop and have a spot of lunch at Wyatt And Jones.

Flowers on a table
Inside Wyatt And Jones restaurant, Broadstairs
Our main course.
Chocolate dessert
Fruit dessert

The entire menu in this lovely rustic style restaurant is locally sourced, which means that the head chef has to get pretty creative. The menu is extensive and the lunch time special deserves a shout out for both its price (£15 for two courses or £19 for three), and its quality. UPDATE: the lunchtime menu is no longer available.

Being a ‘sometimes introvert‘ I did find the crowds, noise and general jostle of folk week a tad overwhelming, but it was well worth my jangled nerves and I’ve got the dates for 2016 in my diary!

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