So, We Didn’t Go To Dreamland

Being as Andrew and I are probably the biggest kids on the face of the planet, the other day we decided to pay Dreamland, Margate a visit. Dreamland presents itself as, “The UK’s Original Pleasure Park: Re-imagined.” And it’s website reads:

“Following a passionate 11-year ‘Save Dreamland’ campaign, Dreamland Margate is reborn.

Dreamland has been re-imagined, ready to welcome a new generation of fun-seeking visitors to an ‘old fashioned, yet oh-so-fashionable’ world of thrills, amusements and good times.”

Having heard a lot of opinions both for and against this new Margate venture, I was looking forward to seeing what thrills a shed load of tax payers’ money and 11 years of campaigning buys.

From the hype I was expecting it to have a slightly vintage feel, with plenty of quirk thrown in for good measure. What I got was car park charges of over £7 for the day and an on the door ticket price of over £18 per adult and over £14 per child (I think it was slightly more, but I’ve rounded down).

Now I think it’s fair to say that this is not exactly a cheap day out. As I hit the publish button on this post there are no family discounts – big mistake in my mind. So a family of four, even with the slightly reduced ticket price for buying online, will shell out £65.60 and then have to pay a further £7 for the privilege of parking.

Add to this that on the day we visited, the main attraction and five other major rides were down, the whole place had a scruffy unfinished feel to it, the only loos I saw were portaloos and some of the staff didn’t seem to have a clue what they were doing (to be fair it is new and this should improve given time, but it was obvious that they hadn’t had enough training) – it didn’t take us long to ditch Dreamland and work out a Plan B.

Plan B involved this:

Lunch at Sands Hotel, Margate
Starter at Sands Hotel, Margate
Lunch in Margate
Dessert at Sands Hotel in Margate
And this:

Vintage shop
Toys in Margate
Vintage store
Inside a shop in Margate's vintage quarter
Lunch at The Sands Hotel, which was delicious, and a wander around the vintage quarter. I may not have got any thrills and spills, but I did tip a glass of water over my lap. Does that count? 🙂


PS If you are the owner of the awesome vintage store featured in this post then please get in touch so that I can link to you. I am unable to find the card that you gave me, I think one of my handbags may have eaten it so I’m still searching 🙂


  1. August 29, 2015 / 2:41 pm

    That plan B doesn’t look that bad hahahaha.
    Good post, lovely! xx

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