Help A Girl Out, Please Vote For Me In The UK Blog Awards

Will You Vote For Me In The UK Blog Awards?

You may have heard on the grapevine (aka social media) that I’ve gone and done it – I’ve entered The UK Blog Awards! It took me a while to hit the enter button on the application form, not because I don’t want to win a shiny award from such a prestigious organisation, but because the end of 2015 was a bit of a shit. I had it all planned – I had been working behind the scenes to create a brand new look for The Barefaced Chic which was going to be unveiled just before the entry date for the awards. And then disaster struck.

I had been feeling generally under the weather and lacklustre for around a month. Let me put it this way – if you looked up lethargy in the dictionary you would seen a picture of me looking pathetic. And, as getting out of bed every morning felt akin to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, all thoughts of blog makeovers frittered from my mind.

So what caused my bout of insurmountable fatigue? You might have read in a recent post that I had a ‘scary heart day‘ – in other words a suspected heart attack. I swear the fear I felt when the doctor uttered the word ‘heart attack’ almost brought on a heart attack! It turned out to be Costochondritis, a rather nasty inflammation of the cartilage just under the breastbone. And if you want to know what pain is I can heartily (see what I did there) recommend it – and I have a pretty high pain threshold. (Remind me to tell you some time of the day that I reset my own broken toes).

Being the glass half full kind of girl that I am, I saw the enforced rest period that followed as an opportunity to get my blog makeover sorted. Yes, I do know that making over a blog is kind of working not resting, Mr Chic gave me plenty much grief for it.

Anyway, my blog is all shiny and new, my nomination has been accepted, now all I need are votes – lots and lots of votes.


So what do you say, will you help a girl out? I’ve entered two categories: ODEON Cinema’s best Storyteller & Fashion and Beauty. You can vote for either or both categories. You can vote once a day, per email address, on different devices. And believe me when I say that I will appreciate each and every vote that you cast!!

How to cast your vote


I know you all live busy lives, but if you could spare a minute to vote for The Barefaced Chic then the time I have spent curating and loving this blog will have been well spent. I’ll also know that I’m not talking to myself! 🙂

I’ve got my fingers crossed and hope in my (now healthy) heart.

UPDATE: Voting has now closed. A big, fat, chocolate covered THANK YOU for taking the time to vote!!

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