Party Night At Goodwood – Sunday Supplement

Despite my enjoyment of party night at Goodwood, racing isn’t normally my thing. In fact, before my recent visit to Goodwood Circuit, if you had told me that I would enjoy watching cars hurl themselves around a race track and listening to this for hours:

I would have laughed. Yet I try to keep an open mind about most things, and free tickets to the Goodwood 74th Members Meeting found me putting aside my preconceptions. And I’m rather glad I did; I had an absolute ball!

I promised in my original post to share with you party night at Goodwood. And, being as I always keep my promises – I’m good like that, here are a few pics from the evening.

Carousel filled with singers shot at night.
The evening festivities at the party night at Goodwood.
Capturing movement and light.
A mermaid on a highwire at party night at Goodwood.
Never having encountered a flying mermaid before, this girl mesmerised me (and my camera, I took about fifty shots of her). I wasn’t sure whether my mesmerisation grew from awe or from being slightly perplexed. I mean, why was she flying? Did she get bored of swimming? And how the hell did she get up there? She couldn’t have climbed, not with those fins. There was also no water in the vicinity, so where did she come from? And how is she going to get home? These are serious worries for me people, serious worries!

Judging by her huge smile, she way happy up there though. So there’s that.

The evening was filled with modern day circus performers, live music, food trucks, fire pits to huddle around when you couldn’t feel your fingers and a massive fireworks display. All in all, a pretty good evening. I found the whole thing quite exciting. Which goes to prove, the only thing you lose by having an open mind is a dull life 🙂

I’m not sure the experience has convinced me to try everything that isn’t ‘my thing’ though. So if you’re hoping for a post about bog snorkelling you’ll be very disappointed.

Until next time, stay happy.


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  1. April 4, 2016 / 8:43 am

    Hahahaha, Ok, I think I can live with no snorkelling posts! Nice quote about an open mind and a dull life. I’m glad you had fun with the confused mermaid! xx

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