On The Radio. Whoa, Oh, Oh, Oh. On The Radio

Rachel at The Wave
WARNING: This post includes copious amount of parental pride!

This morning found me at The Wave Radio Station in Swansea, supporting my daughter as she gave her first ever radio interview to spread the word about The Prince’s Trust and her cake making business, A Taste Of Wonderland. This support consisted mainly of this:

Me: No, you won’t forget your name.
Rachel: I’m Rachel from A Taste Of Wonderland. I’m Wonderland from A Taste Of Rachel. I’m — I’ve forgotten who I am! AAARRGGGHHH!!
Me: Just try and relax and be yourself.
Rachel: OK, be myself – I can do that. Can I be the version of myself that doesn’t feel sick and can’t stop shaking?
Me: Fine, just try not to be the self that falls into stuff OK? (She is her mother’s daughter and has ‘caught’ the clumsy gene).
Rachel: What if I can’t remember what to say?
Me: Try not to overthink it, just tell your story in your own words.
Rachel: My own words. Good, yes I can do that. But what if I forget every word in the English language?!!
Me: Talk Russian!

The above was all said in a jokey, tongue-in-cheek kind of way. Rachel was nervous, but she was also well up for the challenge. It’s amazing how quickly my lovely little girl has blossomed into a such a caring, beautiful, talented young woman.

rachel at the wave sign
Below: Obligatory cheesy ‘I’m going on the radio’ shot.

Rachel pointing

Rachel in studio

Apart from owning her own business, Rachel has been nominated for a Prince’s Trust and Samsung Celebrate Success Award in Wales, she has also been invited to interview to become a young ambassador for the Prince’s Trust. My mum glands swelleth over with pride.

Steve Shaw
Above: Steve Shaw who was incredibly welcoming. I have a feeling he was unaware of the disaster that the combined cack handedness that Rachel and myself could have wreaked on his studio!

In the studio
Below: Rachel with the rather lovely, if slightly clumsy – falling over cables and walking into walls seems to be the norm – so a girl after my own heart then – Emma Grant who interviewed Rachel

Rachel and Emma
BIG, thank you to The Wave for having us and trusting us not to demolish the studio!

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