Lunch Next To The Thames And The Wrong Kind Of Bubbles

I am a woman of very simple needs – except when it comes to my tipple of choice. I confess that I have a bit of a weakness for bubbles, of the champagne variety. So when Mr Chic told me that for our second day in London we would be having lunch next to the Thames and soaking up some bubbles I imagined this:

Two glasses of fizz and a champagne bottleThat’s actually Ramsgate in the background, but you get the picture? What he delivered was this:

The wrong kind of bubbles for me being blown in London.
The most enormous wrong kind of bubbles for a girl who loves her fizz.
Huge bubbles being blown by the side of the ThamesSeriously, are they not the most amazingly beautiful creations? I could have stood and watched for hours. The children were running around, screaming with excitement, trying to pop as many bubbles as they could. And I might have popped a few myself (OK more than a few, but why should the kids have all the fun?).

After forever blowing (or popping) bubbles, we decided to explore the lunch options near the Globe Theatre. This sign tempted us into one pub, but the menu (unlike their humour) wasn’t really to our taste.

Funny sign at the entrance to a pub in LondonIn the end we decided to plumb for a spot of Italian for our lunch next to the thames. My seafood salad was delicious, and rather easy on the eye.

Very pretty Italian meal which I ate for my lunch next to the Thames.As was our rather spectacular view.

The London skyline which was our view while we were eating lunch next to the Thames

We lingered for a few hours, and sampled a few ales before meandering our way back to our hotel through the cobbled streets whilst the street musicians rocked the hell out of Mozart.

London Street
A street in London

Street musicians in London

Before chilling for the evening in our hotel room and quaffing the right kind of bubbles, we stopped off at a little patisserie. It would seem by the speed at which I’m moving around the cake counter in the pic below, I really wanted cake!

 Rushing for cake
Looking at cake

I had the most delicious strawberry tart which melted in my mouth. Apparently it was too good to photograph. What can I say, sometimes a girl’s gotta eat cake 🙂

I hope you enjoyed our last day in London. You can find out in this London post what I got up to for our first day.



  1. May 28, 2016 / 3:42 pm

    This looks like a fun day! I am a girl who appreciates the fizzy variety of a drink too, and your photo has me wishing I had a glass right here with me on this Saturday afternoon. And there is just something about the gherkhin building isn’t there? Every time I see it, I have to stop and get my camera out.

    • May 29, 2016 / 4:54 pm

      I do love my fizz Melissa, a bit too much sometimes! It was a great weekend, and we laughed so much – especially when I got the right kind of bubbles down me 🙂
      Michelle xx

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