I’ve Just Entered The National UK Blog Awards 2016

I’ve gone and done it, I’ve entered The National UK Blog Awards 2016.

So the question that probably needs addressing here is, “Why” – why have I entered my fairly new blog (The Barefaced Chic was a year old last week) into the biggest blog awards in the UK? To be honest, I’m still not sure if I’ve done the right thing. Entering any competition can be exciting, but also scary; very, very scary.

Last year I entered my wedding blog A Very Curious Wedding and, to my complete shock and delight, it was shortlisted! It didn’t win but I did get to go to the awards ceremony in London and I got a new dress so, hey I’m not complaining.

So if I’ve been down the National UK Blog Awards path before why am I finding it so scary this time around? Well, A Very Curious Wedding is my baby. For the three years that it’s been ‘alive’ it’s been nurtured and very much loved, and it’s a part of me. But The Barefaced Chic, well it’s not a part of me; it is me! It’s basically my brain dumped on a page, and the thought of it being judged makes my stomach turn over. So why am I putting myself through it? Because one of the main reasons for this blog’s existence is to encourage women to push their own boundaries, to evolve, to explore their own lives and live them to the full. And I can hardly fly the flag of self-evolvement if I don’t push a few boundaries of my own. So nerves or no nerves, I’ve done it!

Maybe by entering these awards I’ll have a chance to spread the word to other mature women – WE CAN BE THE WOMEN WE WERE MEANT TO BE! We all need to have a little bit more faith in ourselves and our own ability to create a life that we love living, and to come out of the shadows and shine!

So that’s why I’ve entered. Yes, in a way it’s to push my own journey through life, yet I must admit I’m pretty happy with me and where I am. My hope is that when the voting opens in January other mature women may be inspired, even in a small way, to take the road less traveled: the road that embraces midlife, the road that takes us on a journey to live our lives to the fullest, colour outside the lines and shout out from the rooftops, “This is me, take it or leave it world!”

And I do have a trophy shaped space on a shelf in my office. Just saying 😀

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