Indulgent Goat’s Cheese Scrambled Eggs – Sunday Supplement

The very best part of a weekend for me is breakfast – in bed if at all possible. I have a seriously healthy attitude towards food, but on a Saturday or Sunday I like to indulge. I’m a very lucky lady because Mr Chic makes the best full English in all the land. But when it comes to scrambled eggs – if I say so myself, I absolutely rock!

Being as it’s Easter weekend, and it seems kind of rude not to include some sort of eggy concoction, for breakfast I whipped up these indulgent goat’s cheese scrambled eggs. Seriously scrummy, they only take about 15 minutes to prepare/cook and will have you leaning back in your chair (or against your pillow) with a clean plate and a satisfied sigh. I can almost guarantee that you won’t have room for Easter eggs!

Indulgent goat's cheese scrambled eggs
Mixed with chopped, fresh parsley and served with olive bread, it’s a perfect combination of creamy flavours with a Mediterranean twist.

To make enough indulgent goat’s cheese scrambled eggs for two people you will need:

  • 6 eggs
  • Half a round of goat’s cheese
  • A few sprigs of parsley
  • Knob of butter
  • Pepper (I never add salt to cooking, but a pinch of salt if you desire)
  • Olive bread toasted to crispy perfection

I like to eat food from a warm plate (fussy, fussy) so before I start I like to stack two plates where I know they’ll catch the heat from the grill.

Pop a pan on the ring, throw in the knob of butter and heat very gently.

Butter melting in a pan

Crack your eggs into a bowl.

Cracked eggs ready to make indulgent goat's cheese scrambled eggs.

Grind in a the pepper and the salt if using. Give them a good old whisk – I’m a bit of a rebel and use a fork, but a whisk is probably the way to go

Whisking indulgent goat's cheese scrambled eggs.

The trick to creating perfect scrambled eggs is to treat them gently and cook them slowly. So keep stirring but use a delicate touch. In between stirs chop your parsley and roughly cube the goat’s cheese.

Your eggs should be starting to look glossy, but way to wet to serve. Now’s the time to add the cheese and parsley, then pop your toast under the grill. Keep slowly stirring until your eggs are done just the way you like them. Serve with hot buttered toast.

The indulgent goat's cheese scrambled eggs on a tray

Indulgent goat's cheese srambled eggs served on a tray with flowers.

Close up of indulgent goat's cheese scrambled eggs
A rather indulgent, extremely tasty, satisfying breakfast. If you do want to lighten the calorie load, then these eggs are perfectly tasty served alone. The toast does make a rather handy scoop though 🙂

Toast piled high with indulgent goat's cheese scrambled eggs

If you want to ring the changes, try different herbs, add tomatoes or pull through smoked salmon. Try it this weekend and let me know how it goes.



  1. March 27, 2016 / 8:37 pm

    Damn it I just had dinner! I would definitely have enjoyed your special scrambled eggs Michelle. No matter I’ll make it for brekky tomorrow instead nom nom xx

  2. March 27, 2016 / 8:41 pm

    Your photos are gorgeous; they’re making me hungry! My husband makes almost exactly your recipe about once a week. I love eggs any which way, but they really are delicious with goats cheese. I’d rather have real eggs that Easter eggs for sure! xx

  3. April 1, 2016 / 9:29 pm

    You had me at “indulgent”… These look delicious!!!!!!!!!! My husband makes amazing poached eggs – I can’t cook them for the life of me. And I’ve always used a fork to beat eggs – never thought to use a whisk?!!

    Catherine xx

    • April 4, 2016 / 3:27 pm

      Ah indulgent, one of my favourite words! They really do taste as good as they look. I’m glad I’m not the only one who uses a fork, it’s down to sheer laziness really, I can never be bothered to dig out the whisk 🙂
      Michelle xx

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