Fun At The Sandwich Food Festival 2015

Well, we’re still marooned in Ramsgate, but I’m definitely making the most of it. I had a great time yesterday, mooching around the Sandwich Food Festival 2015. Lots of lovely people and some really unusual produce.
Russian apple pie.
Russian cake at The Sandwich Food Festival 2015
Above: Some mouthwatering goodies from Samovar Foods, which offer a taste of traditional homemade Russian food. They actually won a Taste of Kent award for their honey cake in 2014.

Mighty Fine Things of Faversham syrups.
It was all I could do not to buy the whole range of vinegars and syrups on offer from Mighty Fine Things. I love a good flavoured vinegar or syrup, they can turn lunches that are just a bit mweh into lunches of much awesomeness!

Close up of vinegars and syrups at a food festival.
A row of pickles at a food festival in Sandwich.
Above: A great choice of preserves, some of which made their way into my shopping basket, from Karly’s Kitchen.

Sausage rolls at a food festival.
Close up of Scotch eggs at The Sandwich Food Festival 2015.
Resistance was almost futile when it came to purchasing and immediately munching every sausage roll on offer from Dine Thyme. I absolutely loved their business tagline – We Built This City Company on Sausage Rolls!

Pies and quiche displayed on a board.
Street entetainment at Sandwich Food Festival.
Bessie the caravan at a food festival.
Above: Bessie the Caravan was there offering homemade cakes and afternoon teas. I’ve seen her a number of times and she never fails to make me smile – or make my mouth water 🙂

Pork scratchings beautifully displayed.

Homemade tarts.
Asparags pies.
The Paramour Pie Club had a huge array of hearty pies and tempting, tasty treats. Their pies were filled to the brim – no skimping on nomminess from these guys!

Close up of a homemade slice of savoury pie.
So there you go, I hope you’ve enjoyed following my Sandwich Food Festival 2015 adventure. I’m now off to grab a cuppa and a healthy afternoon snack from one of the many eateries in Ramsgate. I think I’m going to have trouble settling for a fruit salad though – all I can now think of is pie!



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