Boat Parties, Hangovers And Getting Soaked To The Skin

After the DIY disasters of last week, this week we decided to down tools and sneak back to Kent for another few weeks on our boat. Andrew had a few meetings in the area so it made sense to stay onboard – that’s our excuse and we’re sticking to it!

It’s been a pretty eventful week, considering we were expecting a quiet time. We have been visiting the boat as a couple for over ten years and we’ve always found Ramsgate Marina to be a bit of a sleepy place. Sure we bump into other boaties from time-to-time and it’s all very friendly, but the community feel that we’ve experienced in other marinas has always been missing – until now.

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We have a few close friends on this marina, people we trust and can count on for a helping hand if the need arises, for which we are extremely grateful. Yet we’ve always felt that there was something missing. Now a lot of that was down to us. We used to regularly work 100 hour weeks (yes, that’s not a typo) and when we came to the boat it was to have some us time.

Now I can’t say we are exactly party animals, we mostly prefer a quiet life and thrive on each other’s company. But every now and again, now that we have our lives back, we have the urge to invite friends onboard, crank up the music and party like it’s 1999. Which is difficult to do when said friends are scattered around the marina.

However, this season has been different. I think the fact that Andrew has been polishing the boat and she’s looking SO much better than she was has attracted the attention of the people surrounding us. Not an hour of polishing goes by without someone passing comment and striking up a conversation, which has led to a couple of new friendships.

We decided to celebrate these newfound friendships with a bit of a boat party – and it was a blast! Yes I did have a hangover, yes the boat looked like a bomb had dropped the following morning and yes it took me half a day to recover. But boy was it worth it! I see many more boat parties on the horizon. Not too soon though, I’ve only just cleaned the deck!

It just goes to show what a bit of polishing can do 😉

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  1. July 15, 2017 / 7:56 am

    Now that sounds like fun! I actually went Ramsgate Marina for the very first time about two months ago, it was lovely! I suppose polishing the boat is like cutting the grass at home, everyone stops to chew the cud for a minute as they pass. Enjoy, it sounds fun x

    • July 15, 2017 / 12:04 pm

      We’re having a wonderful time Kerry. If you come to Ramsgate again do let me know, I might be around to chew the cud with you xx

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