Blogging Is Dead, Long Live Blogging

My tongue has been firmly bitten (hmm, or should that be my hands have been tied – being as you’re actually reading this post and not listening to me prattle on?) for long enough! It feels like a millennia, but for the past year or so there seems to have been a bit of blog bashing going on.

So many posts scream, “Is Blogging Dead?” Which, if true, would make me a zombie. Actually that’s kind of cool so we’ll run with it, with less biting. Especially of my tongue, cos that kind of hurts too much OK? So if blogging is dead, that would mean that there are millions of zombies out there all tapping away on computers. But wait, surely that’s the fast keying pool of the DVLA circa 1983? (Been there, done that, didn’t want the T-shirt!).

So blogging isn’t dead; there are way too many of us still doing it, WITH  PASSION! The many hundreds of entries to The UK Blog Awards 2016, and the jaw-dropping 73,352 votes cast by readers kind of proves that.

On a side note: I’m beginning to wonder if, when I hit the publish button on this post, some people are going to say: “Michelle Lyndon-Dykes, slightly demented blogger over at The Barefaced Chic, recently admitted to being a zombie.” “I’m a zombie, but I don’t bite,” she confessed in a recent post. So let me get it straight right now, I am not a zombie (although I do make plans for the zombie apocalypse – it that weird?). This is my official statement on the matter, and that’s that 🙂

Except it’s not really is it? I can’t really leave it there because now that I’ve brought up the whole ‘Is Blogging Dead’ question I guess I’m expected to flesh it out. (No we’re not back to zombies again, it’s just a turn of phrase). Although if I wanted to, I could end this post here. You see, that’s the beauty of blogging and what it’s all about. I can write whatever crazy shit crosses my mind, because there will always be some people who find it amusing, or some people who read my self-development posts and shout, “Yes! I thought I was the only person who did that/wanted to do that!” Of course some will say, “She’s lost the plot, again!” And a further 99.99% of the planet will stay silent because they have absolutely no bloody clue who the hell I am.

And that, my friend, is blogging. Has blogging evolved? Absolutely, there have been quite a few changes in the four years I’ve been blogging (over on my wedding blog) and that’s a very good thing. Surely if we don’t evolve then we run the risk of this wonderful platform for the outpouring of creativity becoming stagnant? And a lack of creativity could cause blogger brain atrophy, which will make us into (you’ve guessed it) zombies!

So is blogging dead, or truly alive and thriving?

I do think there is one thing that probably is dead – the possibility of new bloggers making a lot of money via ‘old school’ blogging methods. Not that it existed as an attainable goal for most of us anyway. So if you’re blogging to make a million then maybe you should try something a little bit more lucrative, like building zombie-proof shelters. Because that’s why we all started a blog in the first place, right? To spread the word about the coming zombie apocalypse? Just me?

I jest but you know what? Even if the appending apocalypse really was the reason for my blogging then so what? We all started blogging for our own, specific reasons. Whether it be to make a living, for fun or simply because we have an absolute need to write. So write we do, and the written word never dies.

But making a lot of money from ‘old school’ blogging; I think that’s bitten the dust. Which opens up a few weird questions. Should we have a funeral, or just a wake. Would blogging want an open or closed coffin? And who gets to sit in the front pew?

Chew you later.

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