Did I Blink? The Barefaced Chic Blooper Reel 2015

Oh the glamour of it all; the makeup, the hair, the flash of the camera. Yes, to an outsider the day in the life of a lifestyle blogger is teetering on the edge of perfection. And I really do mean teetering. One gust of wind, one overzealous twirl, one hearty sneeze can leave me staring at my laptop screen in despair. I have managed to blink, trip and gurn my way through the most promising of shoots.

Feast your eyes on the wonder that is The Barefaced Chic Blooper Reel 2015:

High heeled strappy black and white shoes.

1) HOW MUCH? Yep, I totally managed to leave the price tag on my shoes which I had to Photoshop out. By the way, they were £3.40! Original post.

Being wind blown in and orange outfit.

2) THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS. I think 2015 was definitely the year for battling with wind – of the weather variety that is! Original post.

Brown hat blowing into my face.

3) FACE, MEET HAT. I do love a floppy hat, but this one took floppy a step too far. Original post.

Smile hat

4) KEEP IT UNDER YOUR HAT. Another windy day, another hat with a mind of its own. Original post.

Me eating leaves during a shoot.

5) EAT ME. What can I say, I was hungry. Original post.

Tongue poked out

6) BORED. There are only so many times you can nonchalantly lean on a fence before you crack! Original post.

Me staring with scary eyes.

7) I WILL NOT BLINK! This is what happens when you’ve blinked ten times in a row and you try really hard not to stuff up the next pic. Epic fail! Original post.

A really bad twirl for the Barefaced Chic Blooper Reel 2015.

8) THE INELEGANT TWIRL. Sometimes a girl’s gotta twirl. Sometimes a girl’s gotta look like a prat! Original post.

So there you have it, the not-in-the-slightest-bit-glamorous Barefaced Chic Blooper Reel 2015. Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comment section below.

If you’ve enjoyed this post you might like to pop over to take a look at the outtakes of Catherine – Not Dressed As Lamb and Amber – Forever Amber, from whom I totally and completely ripped off this idea 🙂

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