Birthdays, Mother-In-Laws And A Golf Inspired Novelty Cake

At last I am over the cold from Hell and back to my normal (if that word could ever be associated with me) self. We’ve had a lovely couple of days spent with family – it was my mother-in-law, Edna’s, birthday (I won’t tell you which one as she would probably delete me from her email account), and she popped up from Welwyn to stay for a few days. My daughter Rachel, and her partner Ross, also dropped in to nag visit us, and they came bearing cake.

Rachel has her own cake business so I was expecting something quite special, but take a look at this:

Gold inspired birthday cake
Sugarpaste golf caddy
A sugarpaste pond
I have absolutely no idea where she gets her incredible patience from – she doesn’t follow me that’s for sure! I have a feeling that if I’d have attempted anything so fiddly, it would have been a case of – “Cake, meet wall!”

If you’re wondering why a golf inspired novelty cake, I should probably explain that Edna is heavily involved in golf, enjoys her food and is just a tad partial to a glass of red. You notice the use of the word ‘tad’ there – I have to be careful as may she read this 😉

I think Edna was really pleased with Rachel’s efforts:

Brilliant mother-in-law
I’ve always been of the opinion that age is irrelevant when applied to friendships and family relationships. These last few days have been living proof that I am, indeed, always right 🙂

Three generations sat together around the dinner table – talking, laughing and sharing stories. It’s true that my mother-in-law is no ‘little old lady’ (we call her awesome Edna) and Ross and Rachel are not your average 21 year olds (they are probably more responsible than Andrew and me), but we all have something to share with the each other and the world – no matter how may candles are on our cakes.

Here’s to being awesome.

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