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Last Monday I was stirred from my slumber by Andrew (AKA Mr Chic), which makes him one very brave man. Waking me from a deep sleep is akin to poking a hibernating bear with a stick – you have to be prepared to run very, very quickly!

His bravery was rewarded with a huge smile and a hug. Not because he held a mug of tea in his hand (although offering a bleary-eyed, freshly woken bear a cuppa is a good move). Nope, it was his announcement that he had booked a surprise getaway for my birthday that had me beaming.

As we are both still recovering from a rather nasty cold/flu/possession by evil germ spirits, I was kind of hoping that it wasn’t a trip abroad. Not that I don’t love a good Euro break, I simply didn’t feel physically capable of dragging my aching limbs through an airport 😟

I needn’t have worried.

We only traveled 90 mins from Swansea to a very lovely, and slightly quirky hotel. It all became clear: I would be spending my birthday in Pembrokeshire at a hotel called Hammet House. Which was, it has to be said, right up my street!


With its offbeat decor, roaring open fire and friendly staff, Hammet House felt like ‘home’ from the second we stepped over the threshold.

From the exterior I was expecting a beautifully decorated, formal interior. The fact that they seem to have taken an older property and rubbed some quirk on it absolutely thrilled me!

Good Food

Offering contemporary British fine dining, its 2 AA rosette restaurant is relaxed and inviting.

On our second night we had the pleasure of meeting one of the chefs. I have to admit that we were rather shocked at how young he is (23).  We are both convinced that one day we will boast at having eaten his creations!

Minor Niggles

We are, without a doubt, some of the fussiest people on the face of the planet. So it was probably inevitable that we would find something to niggle us. We thought lunch, although tasty, to be a bit of a letdown. The portion sizes seemed way too small for the price. I think upping the portions or cutting the price would make lunch more palatable (see what I did there?).

The bedroom did have a very squeaky, uneven floor which is only to be expected from a property of this age. I only mention it because its unevenness took me by surprise, I thought I was having a dizzy spell 😂

For our evening meal Andrew had booked the 7 course tasting menu. And boy did we enjoy every last morsel! The dishes were intricate and well thought out, the presentation perfection and we wobbled back to our room feeling mighty full and mighty satisfied.

Now Andrew and I stay in hotels – a lot. In recent years we have spent up to 250 nights a year, all across the country, for both business and pleasure, in hotels ranging from 3 to 5 stars. So it takes a lot to impress us. Breakfast not only impressed us, we ended up discussing its virtues for hours after it had been devoured – yes, we are quite sad and nerdy when it comes to good food.

Yep as you can see from the pics, when it comes to chefs, Hammet House chose wisely.

After we had consumed the breakfast of much awesomeness, Andrew informed me that he had yet another surprise in store. Now some girls love diamonds, some girls love shoes, some girls love handbags. Me, I love all the pretty things, but I adore beer! Yes, you will often find me with a pint of craft beer in my hand, so a private tour around Bluestone Brewing Company was the perfect way to spend an hour.

This tiny brewery offers some very tasty beer, and hosts a couple of festivals every year. This year there is a beer festival on the 18th and 19 August, and the August bank holiday (27th) is the time to be there if you want to be blown away by some Kasai Masai! Check out their website for up to date details.

After our tour we headed to the very pretty town of Narbeth for a bit of a mooch around some very interesting, individually owned shops (not a chainstore in sight). Despite my determination to simply browse, a couple of items may have ended up in my bag – oops! Well, it was my birthday.

Then it was back to the hotel for some serious R&R, another exquisite meal, a bubble bath and a few glasses of fizz – perfection!

I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday in Pembrokeshire. leaving the hotel made me feel quite meepy. It’s very obvious to me that I won’t have to kiss this little frog which nestled on a shelf in the hotel foyer – I’ve already found my prince and he organises one hell of a birthday getaway!

I do believe we will be returning to Hammet House. After all, there’s only so much of Pembrokeshire you can see in two days  😉

Have you ever visited or spent your birthday in Pembrokeshire? What did you get up to?

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  1. January 15, 2017 / 8:43 am

    Oh what a surprise! And Pembrokshire has such a beautiful stunning coast!

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