Am I Too Old To………

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
– C. S. Lewis

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Am I too old to wear bright colours, move house, wear whatever the hell I liketake flying lessons, *insert dream/goal of your choice here*?” The answer is a definite no!! Providing health is on your side, you are never too old to try, or do anything – you just have to be prepared to give it a go.

And that’s where a whole lot of dreams and goals falter and die. You have to be prepared to give it a bash, and probably get it wrong the first time around. You have to risk looking like a bit of a fool, and not giving a toss about what anyone thinks about you.

And yes, it may be scary. You may have butterflies in your stomach the size of pterodactyls, and every instinct in your body will tell you to give up and take the easy path. But here’s the rub; if we always take the same old path and stick to the same old routine, we will only ever get where we are – we won’t move forward, evolve, live happier lives. To me that’s a whole lot scarier than any negative thoughts that may come my way.

Taking a risk and trying something new gets easier – with practice. Embrace the ‘fear’ and work through it, the more you do it the more comfortable you will feel. If you can learn to accept and even embrace your nerves as ‘normal’, aiming for the stars will undoubtably get easier.

Am I too old to fly a jet? Absolutely not, and here's the jet I flew.

Am I too old to fly a jet? Absolutely not, and this is the jet I flew.

Trust me, I was a really late bloomer (I decided to shake up my life and become the real me at 40). You can set goals and reach them – no matter what your age.

So how about setting yourself a goal? Challenge yourself, accept and overcome those butterflies.

This year I’m challenging myself by: starting a Youtube channel, putting my house on the market and launching a new software business. And some of it scares the pants off me – but I’m going to do it!

What about you?

How are you going to challenge yourself? Leave me a comment, share your dream/goal and hold yourself accountable. You can do it – you just have to try.



  1. Linda C Smith
    February 2, 2018 / 8:38 pm

    Here it is February of 2018 and I came across this post of yours from February 2016, and it so appropriate for me right now. I’m 67 now [which amuses me greatly cause I still feel like the ‘me’ I’ve always been except when I look in a mirror and see shades of my grandmother!]; last year was a rather riotous one in which I nearly got a divorce, retired my art and writing business and then got back together with my husband [which was a very good thing]. When I retired my business last May, I also ‘unplugged’ from the online world – canceled/deleted accounts in all social media, blog, website…all of it. Frankly I was a bit discouraged because my art business never paid the rent, my writing didn’t either, and both became a chore with no joy anymore. The final time I set up my booth at an outdoor art show last spring was sheer work…no longer fun. Then my husband and I reconnected. The 7 months apart changed us both – for the better. We share a love of photography, and now that I can use my cameras for something other than the “have to” of my previous business, I’m rediscovering my joy in it. We have so much fun going out and “photo-ing” as I tell my family. I’ve also spent a few months doing some projects I’ve always never had the time to do: I made a latch hook rug [loved doing that]; make my first ever quilt with hand stitching [loved doing that]; crocheted an afghan – wasn’t sure my arthritic fingers could still do that, but hey! they now make these big crochet hooks with thick handles, and using thick yarn…well, loved doing that too. On my list next is teaching myself the art of Japanese calligraphy. I guess what your post sparked for me is the truth that you never are too old – for just about anything! Figuring out adaptations that the limitations of age or physical condition make, you can still dream, make plans, do new and exciting things. And, I have to say, the writing bug is nagging at me. The desire to write a blog that has no other purpose than to explore, express ideas and have fun is appealing to me. Am I too old? My family wants me to. Without the self-imposed pressure of deadlines or needing to make a dollar from it, I just might look at social media and a blog as something fun…which would be new indeed. So, am I too old to begin anew?

    • February 4, 2018 / 10:02 am

      Linda, I love comments like yours because they truly prove that life is a fickle beast – what works for us one year will bore us the next. I believe life is all about creating an environment for ourselves and our family that not only makes us happy but challenges us too. Personally, my brain turns to mush if it’s not stretched. I have tried a 9-5 and it nearly killed me!

      Well done on the changes you have made, the new things you are trying and the passion you have for your ‘new’ life – which shines through your words.

      As for a blog – you clearly have a way with words, a plethora of experience and life skills to draw on and the desire to start one. SO DO IT!! My blog is my passion, my way of making sense of the crap that is sometimes thrown at me and a way to share the good the bad and the ugly of this crazy life I lead. I have created a place on the internet that (some) people find entertaining, informative and sometimes inspiring. It is my legacy, my scratching on the cave wall of history and I love every minute of it!

      If you want to blog for joy rather than business I would recommend It’s free, very limited, but free. If you want to take your blog further in the future (or just want the option to do so) I would recommend (which is what I, and most bloggers I know use).

      The very best of luck, and do let me know if you do start a blog and I’ll pop along to have a nose and give you some shout-outs on social media.


      • Linda C Smith
        February 4, 2018 / 8:32 pm

        Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! I looked at an article that compares and and think that the dot com one is what I want: it’s free which is a good thing; I spent an awful lot of money and time on other platforms the last couple of years and have no desire to do that again. It will provide a way for me to blog, just write and share and post some photos. I was a newspaper reporter oh so many moons ago and that “itch” doesn’t go away. I’m shooting for later this month. I’ll reply here again with my first post. Again, thanks for the encouragement and, by the way, I love your blog.

        • February 5, 2018 / 9:25 am

          You’re welcome and I look forward to seeing what you create Linda!

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