A Zombie Lovers Valentine’s Gift Guide

I’m a soppy romantic at heart but, as I’ve said before in past posts, I don’t really ‘get’ Valentine’s Day. I simply find the whole idea of romance on demand a tad confusing. I do usually give it up to the dude of love in my own way; but it very rarely involves flowers, chocolates or restaurant bookings. I’m not really sure what we’ll do this year. We were going to go on a ghost walk in York, but I think the weather will probably be against us. I’m a bit like the Wicked Witch of the West; rain and I do not mix well! If I get up to anything interesting I’ll let you know.

Despite my Valentine’s Day confusion, as a blogger I think it would be a bit weird to let the day pass without a mention. So I how about a Valentine’s gift guide – with a difference?

Behold if you dare, A Zombie Lovers Valentine’s Gift Guide:

Walking dead jewellery unusual zombie lovers Valentine's gift

Above: Key chains for The Walking Dead fans out there. Intro pic: Does your other half love running? Get them training for the zombie apocalypse with a set of shoe charms. Both from Eight 9 Designs.

Zombie key chain

Let your lover know you care – just not that much! Key chain by Clearique

Brain coasters.

Need a place to pop your celebratory glass of fizz? Brain coasters from Anatomical Element.

Brain cufflinks for Valentine's Day.

For a more subtle nod to zombies, how about brain cufflinks from Safestore?

Stuffed toy zombie.

And last but by no means least – because a stuffed zombie cannot fail to say, “I love you!” Cute crochet zombie from Which Craft

There you go, something a bit different for all you zombie lovers out there. All the above are available from Etsy and, as most of the suppliers are from the handmade industry, you may find supplies are limited. So if you fancy something get it soon, you’d have to be braindead not to 🙂

Whatever you’re up to this Valentine’s Day, have good one and let me know if you’re up to anything unusual.



  1. Charli
    February 8, 2016 / 2:59 pm

    Love it!!!!

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