A Visit To Nostell Priory, West Yorkshire

I’ve been living in West Yorkshire for over four years now and for three years prior to getting married and moving here from Wales, I was bobbing back and forth. So the question that I was asking myself after a visit on Sunday to Nostell Priory was, “What the Hell took me so long?!” My only excuse is a busy life, slightly over-stuffed to the brim.

Nostell Priory in West Yorkshire
I think a lot of us have a tendency to get caught up in our own busy bubbles and forget that there is a whole world to explore – some of it right on our own doorstep.

It was a visit from family that finally got us through Nostell’s rather impressive doors. I have to say that I’m a bit annoyed with myself for not having made the effort in the past, it was a great place to be dragged to by my family for a Sunday adventure.

Cows in a field queing

I have no idea why these cows were standing in a queue. They reminded me of visitors to Disney. As in a “Oh there’s a queue, let’s join it” kind of way.

Calf at Nostell Priory

Mum, is this the queue for the teacups?

The Nostell staff were all really friendly – each room we entered within the house had a member of staff on hand to offer titbits of information, in a refreshingly non-history lesson way.

Which meant I didn’t end up falling asleep and having bits of chalk thrown at my head; you just can’t beat a happy childhood memory can you?

Sitting room at Nostell Priory
Books in the library of Nostell Priory
One of the stairways at Nostell Priory
If there is one nugget of advice I would pass on to anyone thinking of paying Nostell a visit it would this – keep an eye out for ticket sale signs. We assumed (wrongly) that tickets would be on sale at the house itself, you in fact purchase them from the stable area.

If we had spotted the undersized sign (even the staff admit that it’s too small and needs replacing) we would have saved our legs and a bit of time. I would have been deprived of a good old whinge though, so there’s that.

A bedroom at Nostell Priory
Reflection of me taking a photograph

After a bit of a nosey around the house we went for a wander around the lake and gardens, a bit of a treck and not for the fainthearted *insert a bit more whinging here*. I dragged Rachel (my daughter) into a brickwork tunnel to pose for a few shots with me.

Rachel and Michelle
Brick tunnel at Nostell Priory
Michelle and Rachel black and white shot
Above: me and my gorgeous girl. Below: As you can see, it takes a bit of effort to get the perfect shot!

Collage of pictures of Michelle and Rachel
Over the last few years Andrew and I have spent a huge chunk of our time travelling. Sometimes for business and sometimes for pleasure. It has now occurred to me that maybe we should stay put and do far more exploring of our own neighbourhood!

What do you think? Do we sometimes forget to seek out the loveliness that’s on offer in our own areas, or do you prefer to explore further afield?

Whatever your preference, here’s to exploring!

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