A Cost-Effective, Unique Valentine’s Day Idea

I’ve always found Valentine’s day a bit confusing – I’m all for romance, but it just seems odd when it’s stuffed down your throat. And there’s no escape: TV, the internet and the high street are all trying to sell ‘love’. I’ve never understood how a fake rose in a plastic tube says, “You are my one and only.”

Is it just me? Am I a bit spoiled? I am incredibly lucky, Mr Chic is a bit of a romantic and buys me flowers just ‘because’. The thought of him walking into a florist and buying a bunch of roses on the 14th because that’s what’s expected kind of leaves me cold.

Our usual Valentine’s M.O. is to have a quiet night in with a takeaway and maybe exchange a few silly gifts, but this year I’m going to break the mold. For reasons that I may share in future posts, the last couple of years have been a bit of a challenge – not on a relationship level, but on a ‘life-throws-you-crap-sometimes’ level. And Mr Chic, my patient, slightly neurotic, geeky, flamboyant, miracle of a man has been there to help me dodge every curve ball – or pick up the pieces when I’ve been hit splat between the eyes.

So this year I’m going to woo his socks off, and this is how:

I didn’t want to spend a lot as, what with Christmas, our New Year’s Eve party, my 50th birthday celebrations and an evening spent at Mansion House in London, we’ve blown quite a lot of cash lately. So I wracked my brains and I believe I’ve come up with a cost-effective, unique Valentine’s day idea that will show him how much he means to me without splashing the cash.

Drum roll please…………….I’m going to cook him a meal! Wow, I can almost feel your disappointment through my computer screen – but before you click away from this post let me just explain. The meal I’m going to cook will be three courses, each representing our lives together. I’ve christened it the Me ‘n’ u.

I’ve also been scouring pound shops, ebay and thrift stores to find cheap decorations. And no, I’m not going to bedeck our dining room with garlands of sparkly hearts, I thought I’d go for something a bit different. Our favourite fizz is Veuve Clicquot, so I’m taking my decorating cue from the orange label. This has actually meant that I’ve saved a fortune as most of the bits and bobs I’ve picked up are Halloween leftovers – the orange table runner kind not the skeletons on a string kind 🙂

These are our three courses:

Our menu for Valentine's dayAnd the rhymes that I wrote to accompany each course:

The First Kiss

You’d set the scene, romantic it’s true,
A deserted beach, a picnic for two.
A bottle of fizz, pate and cheese,
You’d gone out of your way to impress and to please.
There was only one thing you did not remember-
It get’s bloody cold in the midst of November!
But although a bit nippy our first date was bliss,
For you stole my heart with our very first kiss.

The Main Event

We’ve shared many milestones it has to be said,
But the one that means most is the day that we wed.
We created a menu to please all our guests,
Each course representing our heritage the best.
Whiskey haggis from Scotland, juicy venison from Wales,
Good old Parkin from Yorkshire – each dish told its tale.
But as I’m no chef, though my gravy kicks arse,
On cooking our wedding feast I thought I would pass.
But venison stew, now that’s easily done,
And I hope it reminds of the day we became one.

The Last Dance

The song that is ours, makes us smile when it’s sung,
Is “An All Time Love” by the singer Will Young.
Both of us wanted a start fresh and new,
And the words they remind of the way our love grew.
We yearned for so much – a meeting of souls,
An “old time love” of which stories are told.
Not sure we would find it, would our quest end in naught?
But the moment we met, we found what we sought.
As our love has an essence of times long gone by,
Dessert is a classic – hot apple pie!

I prepared you this feast and wrote you this rhyme
In the hope of proving – you’re my true valentine!

I’m making a menu to print in Mac Pages, but if you want to use this idea for your own Valentine’s day there are free templates online – just hit Google. And don’t think you have to set everything to rhyme, you could just explain why you’ve chosen each course and which part of your lives together it represents.

Including decorations, food and fizz my total budget came in at £42.58. Not bad considering you’d probably spend more than that for a three course meal and wine in a chain restaurant. I have to hold my hands up and say that we will crack open a bottle of Veuve from our secret stash – what with all the orange decorations it would be rude not to.

I’ll take some pics of the evening and pop a post on after the event. Whatever you have planned for Valentine’s Day have a great one.

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  1. February 4, 2015 / 11:45 am

    I think that’s a super cute idea and I’m thinking of a meal too, although maybe a dessert only to show him how sweet my life has been since he’s been with me. Hope you have a lovely and romantic time! Alina x

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