Weight Loss Journey | Week 2 | Health Update

Week two in my weight loss journey has, in the main, been pretty positive. I have stuck to my healthy eating plan and, despite my hatred of the scales, I diligently did the weigh in. I’m going to be an incredible tease again and tell you to watch the video at the bottom of the post if you want to find out how successful I was with my battle of the bulge.

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How The Week Went

We did have a bit of a blow out when we celebrated our anniversary, but that’s life and I’m certainly not going to give up all the things I love. I truly believe it’s all about balance: enjoy the good things in life – just not every, single day.

I have found that by eating what I know I should 80% of the time, and what I want 20% of the time I keep my health and weight in check. It’s when that balance gets tipped the wrong way, and I start stress eating that my weight shoots up.

And I do mean shoots – considering I used to be able to eat whatever the heck I wanted without putting on a pound, I now seem to pile them on faster than an ice-cream melts in hell!

We also had a bit of a blip when Andrew overcame his fear of dentists and went in for oral surgery. 28 years he’s needed that tooth out; 28 years! We did a whole lot of research to find a dentist who would accommodate Andrew’s fears, and it was all going really well.

Andrew managed to get through a scale and polish, fitting for whitening trays AND an extraction. It was when he was referred to a dental surgeon that it all went horribly wrong.

Now I know my husband doesn’t have the highest pain threshold, but when I was sitting in the waiting room and I could hear him screaming I knew there was a BIG problem. Apparently the dentist simply refused to wait until the local anaesthetic had taken affect before diving in with dental saws!

The outcome of this is one very traumatised husband who is in a whole heap of pain. So some of my plans for last week went out of the window and I didn’t really leave the house. Which meant I didn’t do the short, daily walks I had intended to.

Health Update

As far as my own dodgy health is concerned, I managed to see a different doctor and was instantly sent for blood tests and a chest X-ray. I’m hoping I’ll get some answers as to why I’m puffing like a freight train and violently vomiting every few months.

There was talk of being referred to a gastroenterologist, which I’m defiantly going to push for if I don’t get some answers from the blood tests. I cannot tell how bloody frustrated I’m getting at the whole thing, but I do now see light at the end of the tunnel.

All in all, I do believe that week 2 of my weight loss journey has been a success and I’m still feeling incredibly determined to keep on the health path. Do let me know if you are on your own weight loss journey and how your week is going.

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