Weight Loss Journey | Week 5 | Every Little Really Does Help

I have decided, when it comes to exercise (and the slogan from Tesco), every little really does help. Some of you may know that, due to health issues, I haven’t been able to exercise for months. Which has led to me hanging around the house on sunny days bemoaning that fact that I can’t go for my usual long walk.

Week 5 of my weight loss journey finds me discovering that every little really does help | Weight loss for midlife women | The Barefaced Chic, lifestyle blog for women over 50

Every Little Really Does Help

Well, the inability of not being able to do EXACTLY what I want to do is in danger of becoming an excuse for not doing anything at all.

When Andrew had dental surgery and was too ill to be left alone a week or so ago I found myself quietly pleased that I couldn’t go on the very short walks that I had promised myself I would try.

This last week has been a different story. There is no way I can allow myself to make half-hearted excuses. Yes I do have health problems which, until we can get to the bottom of them, are going to impact my desire to keep fit.

Yet that doesn’t mean that I can’t do ANYTHING!

So I’ve made changes. They really are ever so small, but I believe they are helping. Here’s what I’ve started to do:

  • I use the upstairs loo when I’m downstairs and the downstairs loo when I’m upstairs. (As in I make the journey – I don’t point and shoot 😆)
  • I’ve started walking into my nearest town. It’s less than a mile and downhill all the way, but it’s a start.
  • I’m using a good old fashioned scrubbing brush to clean the kitchen floor instead of a steam mop.
  • I’ve set a timer and I get up and move around the house every 30 minutes.
  • I dance when music is playing – I do that anyway, but it’s a good tip.
  • I do the washing up by hand.

None of the above is going to win me any an olympic medal, but they are all steps in the right direction. I’m going to keep moving forward, keep positive and keep striving for a healthier, fitter me.

This Week’s Weight Loss Video

Watch the above video to find out how the weigh in went this week, and to see how I reward myself for waking into town. See you next time, and remember – be gentle with yourself.

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UPDATE: As important a subject as it is, I am keen for my blog to not centre around weight loss. I will therefore start sharing my weight loss journey with you every two weeks. I’ll still put a weight loss vlog up weekly on YouTube, but I’ll keep the blog updates to fortnightly. So the next blog weight loss update will be on May the 17th.


  1. May 4, 2017 / 1:16 pm

    I’ve just caught up on your last two videos in your journey, and they are SO reassuring! I put on weight over Easter (not going to gym, going to restaurants, and stress-eating baguette when my son was sick in Paris :-)) I’ve been back at gym every day and really eating less (but still healthy… I had salmon and broccoli for lunch, I’ll have you know!) and I keep expecting to see INSTANT results. I get really discouraged when I don’t lose very much in a week, but your soothing tones, positive spirit, and realistic attitude make it just a little easier to keep on keeping on. Thank you, lovely lady.

    (PS- I just googled steam mop. Who knew?!)

    • May 14, 2017 / 6:05 am

      I’m so pleased that you’re finding my ramblings useful Lisa. It is sometimes difficult to accept that we can’t undo the weight gain overnight but, as I always say, the weight didn’t pile itself on overnight, it’s not going to disappear overnight.
      We WILL get there!
      I’m not sure how I coped without my steam mop, I steam clean everything.

  2. May 10, 2017 / 11:16 pm

    Good for you!!! Awesome attitude as well. And you are so so right- consistency is key…….just keep going. Its working!

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