Sunshine, A Sun Hat And Overzealous Packing

If you read my blog regularly (thank you muchly kind person), you may remember that – due to a rotten pontoon plank – we ended up marooned in Ramsgate for a couple of weeks. Not that I was complaining. Nope, the complaining didn’t start until after we got home and I realised I’d placed a camera memory card into an incredibly safe place lost a darn camera memory card.

Hundreds and hundreds of photographs – lost in the mayhem of my overzealous packing. I could have wept! So you can imagine my joy when I went to slip on a pair of shoes and found a memory card stuffed into the toe.

This is one of the shoots that was on that memory card of much anguish:

Me wearing a nautical style outfit
Brushing my hair back from my face
Standing on the marina with boats behind me.
Standing behind a blue striped hat.
This was such a brilliant day, we went adventuring to Whitstable and the sun (remember that) shone all day. I had good use out of my sun hat.

We’re off to Ramsgate again in a few weeks,  I am desperately hoping that we’ll leave the wind, rain and generally bluergh weather behind. I mean, it’s June and I’m still intermittently clicking the heating on – not funny people, not funny at all!

Me with boats
Jacket – Peacocks / Shoes – Chix / Bag – Peacocks / Trousers and Top – Tesco / Hat – Tesco / Necklace – Peacocks

Here’s to the sun, and lots of it.


  1. July 4, 2016 / 7:10 pm

    What a lovely outfit. Simple and chic at the same time. I love your striped shoes – my favorite combination of colors. Have a great day, Renata

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