Playing With Light, Slightly Mad Hair And Afternoon Tea

I am, without a doubt, an expert when it comes to afternoon tea. If they handed out degrees for consuming and critiquing this very British pastime it would be framed and hanging on my wall faster that you could say “fruit scone”. Yep, I’m totally looking to fill my wall with proof of my ability to stuff myself full of scrumminess!

The top of an cake stand showing afternoon tea.
Afternoon tea

So to say I was happy that Andrew booked a surprise afternoon tea to celebrate this little blogs recent shortlisting for a UK Blog Award is a bit of an understatement. I was thrilled; I put on my ‘eating pants’ and everything 🙂

Champagne glasses on a bar.
Card from Wentbridge House congratulating me for being shortlisted for a UK Blog Awards #UKBA16
My reflection showing my slightly mad hair.

I thought it might be nice to do a quick outfit shoot and show you my slightly mad hair. I was going for soft waves but, my hair having a bit of a mind of its own, I ended up with crazy mad curls. I kind of like it though, and it was really easy to do.

It was one of those clear, breezy, Winter days when the sun decided to make you regret leaving your sunglasses at home. Now you may think that bright sun is a bloggers dream – it’s actually a bit of pain. It’s really difficult to get a good shoot when both yourself and the poor person holding the camera are being blinded! Instead of giving up we decided to play around with the light and see what happened:

An dark outfit with pink accessories.
Me smiling in the sunshine wearing a dark outfit with shocking pink accessories.
A close up of my slightly mad hair.
The sun shining through my slightly mad hair as I smile.
Standing in the sunshine and smiling.
My dark outfit with pink accessories taken from an unusual angle.
We broke some of the ‘rules’ of photography but I’m really liking what we got. Just goest to show; the outcome to breaking the ‘rules’ can be awesome!

P.S. When I refer to breaking the ‘rules’ I’m not talking about the laws of the land. Just in case you think I’m really into the likes of carjacking! 🙂

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