A Week Of New Things: New Boots, New Homes And Eighties Hair

This week has been a week of new things: after reading my post about leaky boots, JD Williams came to my rescue and sent me a brand new pair, I’ve been hitting the internet in search of a new home and I decided to try and rock eighties hair. I’m loving the boots, I found lots of interesting houses, not so sure about my hair though??

Side view of me wearing a black mack and eighties style hair.
Back of my head showing eighties hair.
Close up of me smiling.
Showing my eighties hair side on
Close up of boot strap.
It’s funny how something as simple as a new pair of shoes (or in this case boots) can give you a whole new perspective on the year ahead. When my good old favourites sprang a leak and I was forced to admit that they had shared my last adventure, I was more that a little bit down in the dumps.

You see, those boots have taken me to the most amazing places. Bought for my honeymoon five years ago, they proved to be the most comfortable boots I had ever owned. It was therefore inevitable that, from Autumn to Spring, they were the boots I reached for on an almost daily basis.

Ah if those boots could talk! I am not the most sentimental of people when it comes to possessions, yet I do see me snipping a buckle from them and tucking it away in my memory box.

But now, with a fresh new year and comfy boots, I’m ready to stomp all over my blues and go adventuring!

Boots – c/o JD Williams / Raincoat – Fenn Wright Manson (I’m loving this one)  / Umbrella – M & S similar / Blouse – Miss Selfridge

Yep, I can now face the storms with the knowledge that my feet won’t end up a soggy mess. Of course, as soon as my boots were delivered the sun came out 😉

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