A Nautical Themed Outfit With A Striped Jacket

Ah sun, sea, sand and sex on the beach – and yes, I am referring to the cocktail 🙂
What could be better than the great British seaside break? How about a great British seaside break with lots of new, nautical style clothes?

Sounds like an excellent excuse for a few nautical inspired outfit shoots to me. So hold on to your sunhat, here we go:

Nautical sitting
Nautical jacket and blue jeans
Nautical stripes and a spotted hat.
Spotted hat and spotted glasses.

We’ve been staying in Ramsgate, Kent for the last couple of weeks mixing business with a well-earned seaside break. We were due back in Yorkshire a few days ago, but Mr Chic managed to fall through a rotten pontoon plank. You can actually see the very spot which rendered him a spreadeagled, disheveled heap in the background (just over my right shoulder) – and people say I’m accident prone!

A spotted hat for a nautical outfit.

After nagging him relentlessly, he took a trip to casualty (Mr Chic and hospitals are not a happy mix). The outcome being that he has to rest his back and ankle for at least a week.

nautical with hat
The perfect spotted hat.
A sun hat with spots.
Jacket – Tesco / Hat – Bonne Marche / Top – New Look (old) / Jeans – Tesco / Shoes – New Look / Glasses – New Look / Nail Varnish – Maybelline Colour Show in Ocean Blue

So we’re basically marooned in Ramsgate until Mr Chic is well enough to travel. Marooned – next to the sea……….with great food……….and spectacular views……….falling asleep to the sound of the waves – I’m struggling to see a downside here.

I’ll be posting more outfit shoots soon, but for now I’m off to nurse my poor, broken husband. Not too thoroughly though. Well, we don’t want him recovering too quickly now do we? 🙂


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