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I promised myself that I wouldn’t talk about the weather. Nope, I’m not going to bang on about the lack of Summer sunshine, nor the gale force winds and rain, and I certainly won’t mention just how fed up I am of having to wear Winter clothes IN THE MIDDLE OF JULY! Aaaaaannnnnddddd breathe! So, moving on. As we’re in the middle of packing our entire lives into cardboard boxes, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to know what to leave out clothes-wise. Take this outfit for instance: mulberry tones and layers which would definitely have been packed into a box marked ‘Early Autumn’. Yet here I am wearing it as I wander around Pontefract Abbey. It seems I’m constantly wearing layers for a cool Summer. I’ve tried to keep a bit of a Summer vibe going by wearing cream jeans and rose gold jewellery, but in all honesty it’s not what I want to be wearing. The sun did come out as I was soaking up the beauty of this eleventh century, tumbledown abbey though – so there’s that 🙂 Smiling in Pontefract Abbey whilst wearing layers for a cool summer Walking in Pontefract Abbey wearing layers for a cool summer Leaning against a tumbledown wall at Pontefract Abbey A tumble down wall at Pontefract Abbey is the backdrop for my outfit of layers for a cool summer. Showing the back of my hair. Standing in the middle of Pontefract Abbey with my cardigan thrown over my shoulder.Jeans – M & S / Top – Miss Selfridge / Boots – Bought in a seconds boutique, no label / Cardigan – F & F

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An unusual shot of Pontefract Abbey. Pontefract Abbey was just one of the places on our Yorkshire bucket list, and she’s a enchanting in her own falling  apart, crumbling sort of way. Bit like me really 🙂 How are things in your part of the country? Are you basking in Summer sunshine or huddled under layers for a cool Summer? Cheerio.


  1. Charli
    July 25, 2016 / 6:09 pm

    We could trade–I will take your early autumn, and you can have my 93 degrees F and muggy! 😀

  2. August 23, 2016 / 11:19 am

    Love your outfit ! I never know what to wear with this changeable weather. I’m sure when I was younger we had distinct seasons. Snow in winter, sun in summer etc. Or am I looking through rose coloured glasses? Pontefract Castle is lovely. I was offered a job there years ago but took another post in a museum. xx

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