I Love Big Hats And I Cannot Lie

One of the things I love about getting older is the wisdom that being on this earth for half a century inevitably bestows. For instance: I used to get myself in a right old stew worrying about what other people thought of me. Were they judging me by what I wore, how I spoke, what I said, how I ate, what I thought (yes, because people could read my mind – obviously!) or even where I lived? Fast forward a few decades and I am now blessed with this nugget of knowledge: most people are either so wrapped up in themselves and their lives, or so busy worrying about what people are thinking of them that they probably wouldn’t notice if you walked around with a paper bag on your head!

Yep, as amazing as this may sound, the whole world is not judging every move you make. Sure there will always be one of them – those busybodies who make it their goal to paw over the minutia of your life, examining your choices and decision with tutting, head-shaking disapproval. Take it from me; these people generally live sad, lonely, unfulfilling lives. In order to make their lives seem less tedious, they will judge the lives of those around them. Pay no heed to their toxicity, the only feeling they should elicit from you is sympathy. After all, I doubt anybody has an overwhelming desire to write ‘busybody’ in the hobby section of their CV. Surely something truly challenging must have happened in their lives to make them so insecure?

Age has brought wisdom, and this wisdom that has brought freedom; the freedom to wear what I like without constantly worrying about what other people think of my choices. Hence the big hat! What can I say? I love big hats and I cannot lie 🙂

Wearing a big hat and a long grey cardigan
Wearing a grey cardigan, cream scarf and one of my big hats.
Showing the back of my outfit.

Smiling, wearing a big hat and cream scarf.
Hat – Gift from a friend  /  Jeans – Dorothy Perkins / Top – River Island / Scarf – old / Shoes – Old

What about you? Has age brought with it the confidence to wear what you want to wear, rather that what you think you should be wearing?


  1. May 9, 2016 / 9:58 am

    I could not agree more, Michelle! Like you, I used to spend so much time agonising over how other people saw me but I now realise, like you say, that most people are too wrapped up in their own lives to notice or care. Those that do judge are often lacking confidence themselves. I am well into my fifties now and feel far less worried about what other people think of me. Being so short brought added insecurity for me – nearly everyone comments on that and it has been a struggle to believe that I can look as good as anyone else. It’s interesting because I assumed that everyone taller than me had no trouble with self-esteem. Obviously, it isn’t that simple! The blogging community has been the single biggest confidence boost, I would say. A fabulously supportive group all championing each other.

    Your hat is lovely and really suits you. I like how you have styled it with the long line cardigan – such a graceful and elegant look, reminding me of Rita Hayworth. You look every inch the film star, as always. Fabulous photos – is this Ramsgate? Not far from me and a great traditional seaside town!

    • May 11, 2016 / 9:16 am

      Being only 5′ 1″ myself, I get where you’re coming from. I also have unfeasible long arms, so petite clothing just doesn’t do it. I’ve learned to shop around and wear whatever the hell I feel happy in!
      I’m really glad you are finding the blogging community supportive, it’s been a brilliant platform for me to express my own development. And you are so right – we definitely champion each other.
      The pics were taken in Ramsgate, we have a boat in the marina here (I say here because I’m typing this from the cabin) and come down quite often.
      Thanks for your comment and lovely compliments Astrid.
      Michelle xx

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