How To Work With A Supermodel If She’s A Bit Of A Cow

When I was asked by Send A Cow to publish a feature for Wore It, Loved It, Blogged It wearing one of their Christmas jumpers I was thrilled. When I found out that I would be working alongside a supermodel I did my ‘happy dance’  – which basically involves bouncing up and down on the spot whilst repeatedly punching the air with my fist.

However, it turns out the the supermodel in question is a bit of a cow! Meet Gloria the pin-up that puts the moo into moody:

Cow wearing a Christmas jumper

In all seriousness, isn’t she gorgeous? But why, you may ask, am I sharing an image of a cow wearing a jumper? Good question, you get an A+ for enthusiastic blog involvement.

To celebrate their Christmas catalogue, Gloria has been chosen to model a range of gifts available for you to buy from Send A Cow – the charity that is changing the future for families in Africa. Here’s a little bit more about how Elise Hurcombe tackled the rather unusual task of knitting a cow-sized jumper:

And here I am wearing my snugly Send A Cow Jumper:

Send a cow and tea
Send a cow jumper
Close up of eyes
Save a family's future
Jumper – c/o Send A Cow / Nail Varnish – London Girl 113 / Tea – courtesy of the tea-making genius that is Mr Chic.

I’m not sure that I out-modeled Gloria, but it’s one heck of a cosy jumper! If you are stuck for present ideas this year then why not pop over to Send A Cow and make the lives of people less fortunate just that little bit easier.


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