How To Style A Beige And Black Outfit For A Summer Evening

Showing the side of a styled beige and black outfit
So here I am, the woman who is more than a little anti-beige; wearing beige! I think the whole anti-beige feelings came about after spending years hiding in a corner, wearing clothing that helped me blend into the background.

When I hit 40 and decided to reinvent myself, I went on a bit of a beige detox. I emptied my closet of shapeless, colourless, unflattering clothes and went a bit colour crazy. Until I found my style, my wardrobe did look a bit like an explosion in a paint factory.

I’m still very much a colour lover, but when I spied this floaty beige top at a little market stall in Ramsgate, I thought it would be perfect, styled with black jeans and killer heels for a visit to my favourite Italian restaurant.

Looking our of the back of the Sunseeker weiring a beige and blake outfit
My shoes
Fizz glasses
Showing my shoes
Showing the back of my hair
Showing the lace on my beige and black outfit
My beige and black outfit
Top – Bought in a market stall in Ramsgate / Shoes – Matalan / Jeans – M & S / Sunglasses – Next / Nail Varnish – Barry M  / All  Jewellery – Gifts from Andrew / The Colour Beige – I’m a woman, or course I’m going to change my mind 🙂

Have you ever decided that you will never wear a colour/type of outfit again and then changed your mind? Or have you (like me) had a change of heart? Leave a comment because I’d love to know.

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