Geometric Print Cardigan And Raspberry Accessories

Spring put in a tentative appearance yesterday, and about time! The air felt warmer, the day seemed brighter – I was just beginning to feel the relief of having Winter well and truly behind me. And then storm Katie loomed and the news was filled with weather warnings. Headlines screamed of the havoc that storm Katie was about to wreak. Into the Easter weekend she blew, to put a damper on activities. But, like any good Brit, my reaction to quite a sever storm was to batten down the hatches (not that I have any hatches, and I’m running rather low on battens) make tea and ask it if it wouldn’t mind awfully being a bit quieter.

Random thought alert; is it just me or do the names of recent storms seem rather inadequate? I mean, storm ‘Katie’ – doesn’t this sound as if a small child named Katie is going to throw a bit of a tantrum? Just me?

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, Spring, warmer air, brighter days. The temporary lack of rain and hint of sunshine was all the encouragement I needed to book lunch at a local restaurant. It’s a pretty relaxed place, so I reached for my geometric print cardigan and raspberry accessories. I’m not a massive fan of pink, but I love the way this in-your-face raspberry really lifts an otherwise fairly neutral outfit. I must admit, my hand did hover over a pair of black suede boots, but I think I made the right choice.

Geometric Cardigan.

Geometric cardigan and raspberry accessories with unusual sunglasses.

Close up of brightly coloured sunglasses on my head.

Close up of geomatric print sunglasses.

Geometric sunglasses and a raspberry pink bag.

 Pink bag in focus and me wearing a geometric print cardigan and raspberry accessories out of focus.
Me out of focus and large raspberry pink bag in focus.

Close up of bright pink boots.

Sitting on a bench wearing a geometric print cardigan and raspberry accessories.

Leaning my head on my hand.

Cardigan – Atmosphere (Primark) / Top – Miss Selfridge / Boots – Seconds, no label / Necklace – M & S / Bag – New Look (old) 

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What did you get up to over the Easter weekend? Did Katie cause you any problems?



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