Casual Denim Blues – Fashion Over 50

Apart from my recent travels to Ramsgate, which seems to have its own micro climate, trying to get a decent outfit shoot has been nigh on impossible lately. This part of the country seems to have sloshed around under a permanent rain cloud. It’s hard to whip out a camera when you’re running for shelter every five minutes #bloggerproblems.

Then on the weekend something wondrous happened – the sun decided to put in an appearance. Not for long mind, we were baked in bright sunshine for all of four hours. But we made the most of it; a spot of lunch in the garden of a local pub.

Despite the sun there was still a nip in the air, so my lightweight Summer clothes remained in the closet. Instead I plumped for casual denim blues with a touch of sparkle. I practically skipped into a nearby field to grab a shoot before lunch, and that’s when we hit a problem. Despite being desperate for the sun to shine, we found that it was just soooooooo darn bright.

We were left with two choices:

  1. Wait until later in the day and keep our fingers crossed that it wouldn’t rain.
  2. Shoot anyway and play up to the light and get a bit artistic.

As you can probably tell, we shot anyway. I’m kind of glad that we did because it was pouring with rain again by 3pm – sigh! Lucky denim looks good bleached eh? 🙂

Smiling in a field wearing a casual outfit of demin blues. Standing in a field looking to the side wearin a casual denim blues outfit. Walking away from the camera wearing a casual denim blue outfit. Bleached photograph of me wearing casual denim blues in the sunshine.
Cream Top – House of Fraser / Blue Sleeveless Top – Asda / Shoes – Nine West (old but these are similar) / Jeans – M & S / Bag – Small boutique in Wales / Necklace – Small boutique

I really like the results, but let’s hope that next week offers up some blogger friendly weather shall we? Have a great week.


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