Brown Jacket With Green Snakeskin Shoes

Since embarking on my journey to hit my 50’s looking and feeling the best ‘me’ possible, I have tried many, many styles and many, many colours. Yet, despite the choice my wardrobe offers, I often find myself wearing black trousers/jeans and a black top. Over this seemingly uninspiring base, I add layers of interest.

This layering technique has served me and my mad ‘where the hell am I this week’ life rather well. Packing is much easier when you are merely embellishing a ‘uniform’. In fact, when looking back through the last year of outfit posts, I was quite surprised just how often I’ve pulled this particular rabbit out of the hat.

One thing I have learned from implementing this approach to my outfits; buy the absolute best base pieces you can possibly afford! There is definitely a place in my wardrobe for chain stores and the like, but when a garment is being worn regularly – quality counts.

For this particular outfit the layers consists of a really easy to wear jacket, a beaded scarf, a pair of snakeskin shoes (faux), unusual gloves and a handmade bag. I feel the shoes add a bit of drama to the look, and I’m simply loving this bag that my daughter made for her A’ Level textile’s exam. At the time she was an Air Cadet and wanted her project to reflect her personality. The whole thing was made from bits and pieces she picked up in an army surplus store. Clever eh?

An outfit consisting of brown jacket and snakeskin shoes with a handmade handbag.
Close up of jacket.
Side view of jacket and snakeskin shoes.
Close up of green snakeskin shoes.

 Back of brown striped jacket
Back of brown striped jacket.

Back of my head showing unusual gloves.
Side view of bag made from army surplus gear.
Green bag and snakeskin shoes hanging from a tree.
Side view of my hair.
Green snakeskin shoes next to a green military bag.
Jacket – Hussar (old) / Black Skinny Jeans – Jaeger (out of stock but these are similar) / Shoes – Gino Ventori a few seasons ago but these are similar

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I must admit, the unusual gloves which I’ve worn in this post and this post (yeah, I kind of love them), were an afterthought. Just as we were about to shoot I noticed that my nail varnish was chipped. So I hid my hand in these awesome gloves until after the shoot when I flew inside to do a bit of emergency polish repair. I think they work though 🙂

What do you think? Do you wear a ‘uniform’ and add interesting layers like the snakeskin shoes?



  1. April 11, 2016 / 8:08 pm

    Michelle, you look fabulous again! The handmade bag is awesome. When my daughter attended lower Sixth form at boarding school in the UK she also chose textiles (a subject we sadly don’t have in our rubbish German school system) and I am sure that influenced her towards her course at uni now. The bag really completes your stunning look (those shoes!!)

    Annette | Lady of Style

  2. April 14, 2016 / 3:10 pm

    I love this jacket Michelle, it’s quite retro & the cut/fit is phenomenal!
    Your bag is incredible, what a clever daughter you have – shame she didn’t go into the handbag business, would’ve been quite a bonus for Mum 😉
    I couldn’t agree more about spending a bit extra on your key wardrobe pieces particularly so they last longer & continue to look great over time. Unlike cheap throwaway high street brands who’s clothes barely last a couple of washes.

    • April 16, 2016 / 8:11 am

      I must admit, I was a bit gutted when she took another path and all thoughts of handmade goodies floated away. However, she is now the most amazing cake artist and creates cakes to die for!
      Michelle xx

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