A Black Military Jacket With Knee-High Boots – Photobombed!

This will be the only time you will ever see real fur in one of my outfit posts. Meet Moggy (at least that’s what I called her) the rather over-friendly cat I met at a recent outfit shoot.

A black cat playing with a leaf.  
A black cat sniffing a patterned bag.
 I like to think it was me she was enamoured with, but I got the feeling that she had amorous intentions towards my patterned tasseled bag. At one point she even tried getting in it! Scrolling though the photographs and trying to choose which ones to put up on this post was a bit like playing a game of spot the cat – she managed to sneak into almost every one. Not that I minded, but I think my bag was a bit traumatised 🙂 An outfit shoot featuring a black military jacket being photobombed by a black cat. When putting together this outfit I wanted the black military jacket, which was a gift from Mr Chic, to be the star (although I think Moggy stole the show). Teaming it with simple tones of black and grey gave the jacket room to ‘breath’. I think its simplicity may have been overshadowed with brighter colours – although I will definitely take it down the colour route in the future. The suede boots in the shoot were pretty easy to wear; despite their height. However, all attempts to walk elegantly across gravel ended badly. At one point I thought Mr Chic was going to have to throw me over his shoulder and rescue me! They also didn’t take well to being mangled by Moggy. Cat hair and suede are not a happy mix. The back of the black military jacket. Close up of the buttons on a black military jacket. Standing on the steps of a country house hotel wearing a black military jacket. Standing on the steps to a chic hotel wearing a black and grey outfit. Close up of black knee-high boots with lace back detail. Leaning against a wall wearing a black and grey outfit. Black Military Jacket – Vintage / Scarf – Charity shop / Bag – Primark / Boots – Last season (these are similar) / Skinny Black Jeans – Dorothy Perkins / Top – Gap / Fur – c/o Moggy the feline photo bomber!

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I am now off to attempt to remove cat hairs from my outfit. Wish me luck! Cheerio.  

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