Black And White Check Jacket And Chunky Sweater

Can you remember back as far as two weeks ago? You can, good. You may then remember the few days of pretty decent weather that we had – in the beginning of November! I’m still trying to recover from the shock of venturing out of the house without the need for industrial strength thermals. I thought I’d seen the last of lightweight jacket weather, so I’m really glad I got to squeeze a few more days from my ‘in-between-seasons-wardrobe’.

Alas, judging by the inch thick frost outside my window, I think it may now be time to pack it away. I’m going to miss this black and white jacket, although I think the chunky sweater will see many more outings!

Black jacket near boat Me holding collar My back in coat Me holding collar smiling Blur Bag and shoes Close up Jacket – Thrift Store /  Sweater – Thrift Store / Top – Thrift Store / Bag – Thrift Store / Shoes – Flore / Smug Grin – c/o It was sunny IN NOVEMBER!

I did manage to snap a few more outfit shoots before we lost the sun altogether. I’ll be posting them as soon as I can chip the frost from my fingers.

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