A Walk Along Mumbles Beach And Being Tone Deaf

I might be Welsh but it has to be said, I am not the best singer in the world. And when I say ‘not the best’ what I actually mean is that I sound a bit like an asthmatic duck and a garbage disposal unit attempting a duet. I have been known to start the neighbourhood dogs howling (true story).

Yet every day, despite the pain it inflicts on others, for the last couple of weeks the song in my heart has been escaping with ear splitting gusto from my lips. Why? Because I’m back in Wales, surrounded by my family and I have this practically on my doorstep:


Isn’t it simply breathtaking? It’s the Bay of Mumbles, and I have been taking advantage of the sunny weather we’re having (is anyone else freaked out that it’s so nice in October?) by exploring this pretty coastal town.

Most of my possessions, including my clothes, are still in storage – so I’m attempting to get as much mileage from the clothes that I have as humanly possible. Most of them are a bit ‘boaty’ (if you’re a new reader, hello and welcome, I should explain that I’ve been living on a boat for the last couple of months), but I’m doing OK at the moment. I think the addition of a London print scarf removes some of the nautical focus from this outfit. What do you think?

Jacket – New Look (old) / Shoes – New Look / Bag – New Look (old) / Scarf – Bought in a London tourist shop / Trousers M & S (old)

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I’m kind of enjoying the challenge of putting together outfits from what is essentially a capsule wardrobe. I have purchased the odd new piece, but I’m beginning to really think about the longevity of everything I buy and how I will wear it.

How about you, do you invest in pieces that will last for years or do you prefer buying new items every season?

See you in the next post.

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