A Thrifted, Charity Shop, Up-Cycled Jacket

I love a good old rummage around in charity shops, it’s a brilliant way to find new things: even if they are not exactly perfect. Take this jacket that I bought for an impressively budget friendly £5.00  –

Up-cycled check jacket

It’s in excellent, wearable condition and there’s nothing screamingly wrong with it, but I just find it a bit kind of, well to be honest, dull. I think a change of buttons and a few stitches could make it far more interesting.

Close-up of buttons for up-cycled jacket

I bought the buttons for 20p each and the embroidery thread cost 65p. I spotted the scarf at the same charity shop and, at £1.00, I snapped it up. In fact it was the scarf that dictated the colour of my buttons and thread.

Close-up of scarf

The geometric feel of the jacket appealed to me so I decided to use a simple zig zag stitch to pick out areas and make them ‘pop’ more.

Close-up of stitches on an up-cycled jacket
Close-up of stitching

I found a woolen rossette in my ‘box of bit and bobs’ onto which I sewed a button and a brooch clip, giving me a removable brooch.

Close up of woolen rossette

Not including the time it took to hand wash, (the label does state dry clean only, but being as the jacket was such a bargain I thought it was worth the risk) and then the time it took to wash it again due to the fact I stabbed my thumb with the needle and bled all over it, the whole project took less than two hours. And I now have a customised, one-off, up-cycled jacket for less than £10.00 – result!

And here it is in all its up-cycled glory:

Completed upcycled jacket

Keep an eye out because I’ll be sure to wear it in one of my Wore it, Loved it, Blogged it posts.



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  1. February 11, 2015 / 10:16 am

    SO clever 🙂

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