A Nanoblock Watch With A Pale Blue Jacket And Red Shoes

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock – no matter how hard we try there’s no way of slowing down the hands of time. But if we have to acknowledge the fact that time is moving on, then we can at least have some fun doing it! So how about putting the Tag Heuer in a drawer and slipping on a Nanoblock watch?

Not sure what a Nanoblock watch is? A Nanoblock is a watch which comes complete with different coloured face surrounds, wrist clasps and tiny blocks. The idea is to ‘make’ a watch to suit your outfit and your mood by simply clipping together the different components. It’s a whole lot of fun and more than a little addictive 🙂Nanoblock watch and striped blue jacket.
Close up of Nanoblock watch.
When I decided to style my Nanoblock watch with a pale blue jacket and red shoes, I was dearly tempted to go overboard and create something completely mad. But, being as I had a meeting later in the day, I thought I’d better keep it fairly sensible. Who knows what I’ll make next time though 🙂
Me leaning on a railing and looking out at the view.
Standing and smiling wearing a nano block watch, striped blue jacket and red shoes.
Me sitting on some coloured steps and smiling.
For my meeting (which was pretty casual) I styled my pale blue jacket with my good old black skinny jeans and black, lightweight polo. I think the red shoes and bag just give the outfit a pop of colour and interest.

Sitting on some brightly coloured steps and looking out to sea.
Brushing my hair behind my ear wearing a Nanoblock watch.
Sitting and smiling wearing my red shoes and blue striped jacket.

Jacket – Peacocks / Shoes – Chix / Bag – Peacocks / Trousers and Top – Tesco / Watch – c/0 Tribes At Work / Bracelet – Poundland / All other jewellery gifts from Mr Chic.

I love adding touches to my outfits that remind me of my childhood, so this Nanoblock watch from Tribes At Work was an absolute winner for me. It brought back memories of stealing my brother’s building blocks which were considered a ‘boy’s toy’.  Ah how times change – thank goodness!

I’m now off to ‘build’ my next watch, how does lime green and yellow sound?


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