A Mink Coloured Cardigan For A Bank Holiday Walk

Happy Easter Monday! I hope you’re not nursing a chocolate hangover *insert sheepish grin*. Just a quick outfit post today: I’ve been putting off breaking out my Spring wardrobe as I’m petrified that I will jinx the weather. At the moment it’s bright sunshine, but yesterday was overcast and cold and the day before we had howling gales. So what’s a girl to do? Layers, lots and lots of layers!

Mink cardigan and layers for Spring
We’ve got a barbeque planned for this evening, but before firing it up we decided to pop across the road to take a stroll through the woods in the glorious, Easter sunshine, then visit a couple of friends.

I teamed a mink coloured cardigan with a ruffled white shirt and a vest top. By the time we’d completed our walk I had discarded my cardi, but hey was I glad of it later when we were sitting in the shade!

Close up of hair and earring.
A mink cardigan and ruffled white shirt.
Datails on the mink coloured cardigan.
Showing the sparkle on the mink coloured cardigan.
Boots and bag
My boots.
Lounging on a bench.
I’ve got the prawns marinating, the onions caramalising and the fizz chilling. That’s my Easter Monday sorted. What are you lot up to?


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