Skin Revivals Advanced Natural Formula Skin Care – Review

Before Beauty Naturals sent me some samples, I had never tried any of the Skin Revivals range. So before delving into the packaging and slathering my face with their products, I decided to mosey on over to their website to see what I was getting my epidermis into.

What I found was an incredibly well thought-out range of advanced, natural formula skin care at very affordable prices. But are they any good? Here are my thoughts:

First Impressions

If you are looking for packaging that has the wow factor, or bottles that look great on your bathroom shelf then, unless you’re in to minimalism, you may very well be disappointed. There is nothing drastically wrong with it, the packaging is just a little utilitarian. However, all thoughts of pretty glass bottles flutter away when you open the products themselves. These smell seriously good, and all without the use of artificial fragrance – impressive.Close up of Revivals bottles

Organic Facial Cleansing Oil

This kind of is what it says on the tin – a cleansing oil. It’s suitable for all skin types but is particularly recommended for mature skin. Which, in theory, should make it perfect for my 50 year old complexion. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t get on with it. Personally I found it just too oily – maybe it’s because I’ve never cleansed with an oil before, or maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser fan. Whatever the reason, it just wasn’t for me.

It does have one massive redeeming quality though, this makes the most perfect addition to my weekly home facial. Part of my facial involves the use of oil and massage and I now use Revivals Cleansing Oil for this stage. I like the fact that it has the added advantage of being a cleanser, so I’m not just using oil as a lubricating material for my massage; I’m also getting a deeper cleanse from my massage – win!
Close up of Revivals face cream.

Harmonising Tonic

Alcohol free and delicately fragranced, this refreshing skin tonic was an absolute winner! I have to confess that the bottle was half empty by the time I took the pics – it is that good. It left my skin feeling refreshed without the uncomfortable tightness that comes with some toners / tonics. This may very well make it into my ‘must have’ list of face products.

Advanced 24 Hour Balm

This is a very creamy moisturising lotion, suitable for all skin types. However, my combination skin absolutely hated it. It simply would not absorb, no matter how little I used. I did think that it might be more suitable as a night cream, but I really didn’t like the sticky residue that it left behind. Which is a shame because it smells divine.

Advanced Night Time Nourishment

After the stickiness of the 24 Hour Balm I was a bit apprehensive about trying this, but I’m really glad I gave it a bash. It has a pleasant, almost relaxing fragrance, sinks into the skin really well and didn’t feel in the slightest bit heavy. My skin was super smooth the following morning and seemed more plumped. I’ll be using this to the very last dollop.

Close up of Revivals night cream.

Overall Verdict

It’s rare to come across beauty products that include a high percentage of organically certified ingredients, are fragranced with natural oils and yet are impressively easy on the pocket. Although I didn’t get on with all the samples I tested, I will be trying out some of the other Skin Revivals products. I have my eye on a few, I’ll let you know how I get on.

All products c/o Beauty Naturals


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  1. Elizabeth
    March 30, 2015 / 9:35 pm

    I use this product regularly and can vouch for it working fantastically. You should really be looking for organic ingredients when dealing with your skin

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