Queen Of The Hive Natural Body And Skincare Products – Review

I’m a big fan of honey as a sweetener, half a teaspoon in my herbal tea – yum! But did you know that certain honeys not only add a bit of sweetness to your life, they also have topical benefits for your skin? From acne to minor burns, honey has been used as a treatment for thousands of years.

Not keen on the idea of walking around the house with a face full of sticky honey? Then rejoice and sing hallelujah because Wedderspoon Organic have taken their organic manuka honey, waved a magic wand and added it to their new range of Queen Of The Hive Natural Body And Skincare products.

I consider myself one lucky girl because they sent me their Face Contour Cream, Natural Soap and Natural Lip Balm to test. Here’s how I got on:

First Impressions

All the products I received were beautifully packaged; they scream, “I’m natural and organic!” They definitely pass the ‘would I give this as a gift’ test. The branding is spot on.
Bee venom and munuka honey face cream.

Queen Of The Hive Face Contour Cream

This rich contouring cream, free from parabens and lauryl sulfates, claims to intensely moisturise and promote the production of collagen and elastin for smoother, firmer feeling skin. So how does it work? The cream contains bee venom, which essentially ‘fools’ the skin into believing it has been stung (sounds painful but I only felt a very mild tingle). This increases blood flow to the skin giving the appearance of a gentle lift.

But does it work? The cream can be used a an intensive night cream or a mask. As I’m pretty happy with my night cream, I opted for the mask option. The cream has quite a thick consistency, but doesn’t feel heavy and has a very light scent of honey. After leaving the product on for 20 minutes and then rinsing off, I was really pleased to see that there was indeed a very mild lift to my skin. My skin also felt incredibly smooth and soft – I believe Wedderspoon Organic has nailed it.

Queen of the Hive natural lip care.
Queen Of The Hive All Natural Lip Balm

I love a good lip balm but I always struggle to find one that doesn’t overwhelm my sense of smell. I’m also not keen on balms that taste sweet or are sticky. Enter this organic lip balm with manuka honey and peppermint. I was just recovering from a cold when I tried this balm and found the scent pleasantly soothing.

Being beeswax based, I did find this balm somewhat difficult to apply. If the ambient temperature was pretty warm then it was a doddle – try to use it during a walk in the cold and it proves to be a bit of a fighter. However, the fact that one of its ingredients is Shea butter, which is known for its natural SPF properties, makes the fight worthwhile!

Natuural honey and lemongrass soap.

Queen Of The Hive Honey And Lemongrass Soap

I must admit I was prepared to not get on with this SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate, which creates suds) free soap. I’m all for going down the natural route, yet I’m not a big fan of soap bars and I live in a hard water area which makes creating enough suds difficult enough with ‘normal’ soap. But I was more than pleasantly surprised. It foams perfectly well, smells nice enough to make you want to use it, but not strong enough to overwhelm your favourite perfume. It’s a pretty generous size; I’ve been using it for well over a week and it’s hardly shrunk. I also like its, for want of a better word, un-sliminess. Unlike other bar soaps I’ve tried, it hasn’t left a soap slick on my bathroom shelf – I’m a convert.

Queen of the Hive face cream.

Overall Verdict

I was really impressed with the quality of ingredients in all the Queen Of The Hive Products. A lot of research seems to have gone into creating natural skincare that can not only compete with some of the chemical packed products on the market, but can actually outdo them. I see a lot of manuka honey in my future.

All products c/o Wedderspoon Organic UK


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