Magnitone The Full Monty – Review

There’s been a huge amount of hype in the last year or so about the power of beauty cleansing brushes. Being pretty happy with my skincare routine, I kind of let the whole furore wash over me — until now.

After a pretty awful couple of months health-wise, the skin on my whole body was in a bit of a state. I also fell off the healthy eating waggon. Not in an overindulgent way, more in a: I-don’t-want-to-eat-anything-much-at-all way. It’s pretty hard to get all the nutrients you need and drink plenty of water when you’re off your food – my Christmas dinner fitted on a side plate (which I couldn’t finish). I looked and felt kind of bleurgh!

My first call on times such as these would have been to my beautician, Natasha. However, the combined bonkers work schedule (much of which involved travel) of both Mr Chic and myself and some cheeky time away for my birthday, left little room for ‘me’ time. So what’s a girl to do? Enter Magnitone who offered me The Full Monty for review. And what did I think? Read on, your epidermis will thank you!

First Impressions

Magnitone The Full Monty - review. The facial brush head.

Retailing at £130 at time of publication, The Full Monty is not the cheapest of beauty gadgets. But boy can you tell that it’s a quality item. It has a kind of solidity about it; it feels as if it’s been made to last. It arrived beautiful packaged, all tied up with ribbon. I’m not normally swayed by packaging, but I did appreciate this little touch.


1) The instructions are incredibly easy to understand. There’s nothing worse that being desperate to use a new product/gadget only to be thwarted by overcomplicated directions.

2) It’s ergonomically designed; it sits well in your hands. I found it easy to use with both my left and right hand which meant –  whilst using the full body mode – I didn’t have to become a contortionist in order to reach my whole bod.

3) It has the ability to exfoliate not just your face, but your whole body including your feet! I’m a big fan of multifunctional gadgets so this definitely tickled my very fussy fancy (sounds a bit rude that).

4) Being waterproof you can use your Magnitone in the bath or the shower. Sing hallelujah and paint me happy! I am absolutely useless at carrying out anything more complicated than cleaning my teeth over a sink – I just end up throwing water everywhere. Think the splash zone at Seaworld and you’ll have a rough idea of how my bathroom looks after I’ve used the sink.

5) It beeps at 20 second intervals, which means that you do not over-exfoliate one area of your face or bod. This means if you’re a bit of a daydreamer like me, you won’t lose track of your exfoliation time. The beeping is also loud enough to hear above the sound of the shower – result!


1) The only charger lead that is supplied with the Full Monty is a USB. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t tend to charge a lot of things via my computer, etc. As a blogger, I’m on the computer a lot – I don’t really want the faff of having to organise my desk to include objects that need charging. You can obviously use an adaptor plug if you have one, which is what I did. However, for the price, I feel an adaptor plug should be included.

2) When it came to adding it to my overnight bag, I found it a little bit bulky. If you are, indeed, only going overnight then you won’t need the charger (just make sure to charge beforehand). Packing for longer? You’re going to need everything – which takes up a bit of space. Is it worth precious luggage space? For a few days or more away absolutely! But personally I leave it behind if I’m going for a very short trip – every space in my overnight bag has to be really well-earned.

“Ah yes Michelle, but does it work?” I hear you cry. Well in one word, yes! But I’m sure you want a more detailed answer, so read on.

Magnitone The Full Monty - Review. Showing all the attachments.

Face mode

There are three modes to choose from and Magnitone recommend that you start with the most gentle setting. I found it a doddle to use, and afterwards my skin felt all lovely and tingly fresh. I was expecting my skin to feel a little bit tight and uncomfortable, but nope – it felt so good that I almost forgot to moisturise. Left my skin feeling soft and peachy 🙂

Body mode

Again this was easy to use, and it did leave my skin feeling softer. The device doesn’t become slippery, so my worry about body brushes flying around the shower cubicle were soon put to rest.

Foot mode

Having the most ticklish feet in the world, I was slightly hesitant about using this. I can’t say it didn’t tickle, but it was way more bearable than I had anticipated. I have pretty hard skin on the heels of my feet – although it’s not horrendously bad. After a few minutes my feet were left lizard skin free. This will definitely become part of my pedicure.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been using Magnitone’s The Full Monty for just over two weeks now and there is definitely an improvement to my skin, but there’s a long way to go before it’s back to normal. Would I get there anyway without this little gadget? Probably, but I do think the process had been sped up – a lot!

Would I part with my hard-earned cash and buy The Full Monty? You know, I’m not sure that I would. This is a ‘me’ thing, but I simply do not spend enough time in the shower to use the body brush. I see showering simply as a way to de-yuck, and I want it over as quickly as possible. On the other hand, I adore baths and can spend hours languishing in bubbles. Alas, I just don’t have the time to bathe every day – quick showers fit well with my busy life 🙁

Now if you were to ask if I would buy a Magnitone’s facial brush – the answer would be a big, fat YES! Cleansing just wouldn’t be the same without it 🙂


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