My First Attempt At Vintage Style Hair

For ages, eons, a lifetime, since the age of dinosaurs, I’ve been desperate to try out a retro look with my hair. Well, maybe not that long, but it’s been about two years. There were just two thing holding me back:

  • My fringe was too short. I have seen lots of women with the vintage look and a short fringe, but I really wanted to get that lovely roll that some vintage style hair has.
  • Up until about six months ago I had a frozen shoulder. Which was an absolute nightmare! I couldn’t get my left arm any higher than shoulder height, so as for reaching the top of my head – forget it!

But I am now loose of shoulder and long of fringe, so I gave it a go.

Me wearing a blue and white spotted top and matching headscarf to compliment my vintage style hair.
Showing the side of my vintage style hair complete with spotted headscarf
Me wearing spotted nave and white top and headscarf and vintage style hair

Side view of headscarf and vintage style hair

Full side view of my face showing spotted blue and white headscarf.
Me smiling with green foliage surrounding my face.

Top – New Look (old) / Headscarf – Made Myself / Crick in the Neck – c/o Too Many Selfies

I’m not sure I completely ‘nailed it’ but I think it’s definitely a hair avenue I’ll explore further. One of my friends did keep calling me Bessie during lunch though (as of Aunt Bessie fame). The cheek!

I did learn two things from my little flirt with vintage style hair:

1) Taking photographs of yourself that don’t look like obvious ‘selfies’ is bloody hard! Andrew is away on business, hence the selfie style photoshoot today.

2) I make damn good Yorkshire Puddings 😉

What do you lot think? Could do better, or get whisking the batter?


  1. September 7, 2015 / 10:02 am

    I’m still learning these hairstyles myself, they’re surprisingly very technical! It looks very elegant on you xx

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