Can A Mobile Beautician Really Offer A Spa Quality Experience

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a woman who loved facials. At least once a month she would book an appointment at her local spa, to be steamed, slathered and pummeled into a state of blissful relaxation. After each treatment she would  float out of the salon doors, happy in the knowledge that her skin was glowing and her stress had been quashed.

And that’s how our zit-free heroine would have remained, if it hadn’t been for the charms of an Englishman. Into her life he slipped, to fill it to the brim with love, laughter and fizz. He spoke with great fondness of a land called ‘Yorkshsire’, soon she became mesmerised by his tales of life ‘up north’. It was therefore inevitable that our heroine would, without a moments hesitation, pack her bags and move from the rolling hills of Wales to his land of great beer, awesome puddings and friendly folk.

She settled in to her new castle (after redecorating if from top to bottom), and bathed in the happiness that her new life poured upon her. And she would have lived happily ever after, if it hadn’t been for an enormous spot. On her nose it sprouted, big and red and glowing. “Time for a spa trip,” thought our heroine, examining the offending eruption as it slowly engulfed her entire nose. It’s at this point that our fairy story begins to morph into one of horror and despair, read on if you dare 🙂

The search for a spa

OK, enough with the fairy tale jargon – let’s get back to reality shall we? So there I was, in a new land with no friends or family nearby to recommend a good spa/beauty salon. I was left with no choice other than to ‘suck it and see’. And what I sucked (er, that sounds vaguely rude doesn’t it?) left me with a rather bad taste in my mouth.

Now before you hit the comment section extolling the virtues of spas/salons in Yorkshire, let me just explain – I wanted a spa that was either within walking distance, or a short drive away. I didn’t really want to take an entire day out of my busy schedule to get my epidermis in order. I have also not tried every salon that’s on my doorstep; I’m sure there are excellent salons in this area, but I haven’t had the joy of finding them.

Here’s what I did find:

Salon one – with its extensive list of treatments and higher than average price list, I had high hopes for this one. What it delivered was a treatment room that hadn’t been cleaned after the last customer and a request to, “Pass me those dirty towels will you love?” Yuck!

Salon two – it’s lush interior and immaculate staff promised so much. However, after only receiving a 35 minute treatment when I had paid for an hour, I left feeling short-changed.

Salon three – this would have been bang on, if it hadn’t been for the beautician who loudly sniffed during the entire treatment. It’s hard to relax when you’re desperate to pass a person a tissue.

Salon four – is it me, or does the sight of the beautician with whom you are about to get up close and personal (again that sounds slightly rude, but you know what I mean) leaning against the salon door puffing on a cigarette put you off. “Yes madam, our products contain essence of ylang ylang, jasmine and fag ash.” Nice!

Salon five – again this would have been a winner, if my beautician hadn’t chatted all the way through the entire hour. Harsh I know, but I am paying for ‘me’ time – I really don’t want to hear about problems with washing machines, arguments with neighbours or how little Johnny is doing in school.

There were numerous other salons en-route to me giving up my search for a spa of perfection and going down the DIY road. Some were close to home, some I found on my many travels. And some of them did, indeed, deliver an adequate facial. Yet not one offered the bone meltingly good experience for which I craved  — until today.

I have flirted many times with the idea of a mobile beautician, but my mind always circled back to this question:

Can a mobile beautician offer a spa quality experience? Thoughts and tips on home spa experiences | The Barefaced Chic, a UK blog for mature women over 50

Can a mobile beautician really offer a spa quality experience?

I had no doubt that I would be able to find a decent beautician, but could being pampered in my own living room leave me with that ‘floating on a cloud’ feeling? I am thrilled to say that yes, yes it could and it absolutely did.

After allowing Natasha, mobile beautician and owner of Pure Opulence Beauty, loose on my screamingly over-stressed skin and knotted shoulders, I can safely say that all thoughts of lushly decorated spas fluttered from my mind. Natasha performed one of the best facials I’ve ever had, my skin is still glowing. Yep, if you’re thinking of going down the mobile beautician route, I would heartily recommend giving it a try. There are just a few things you need to keep in mind:

1) Do you have the space? Your beautician will need to assemble a portable bed, lay out her products and have space to freely move around. If in doubt, ask what space she requires when you book your appointment.

2) Is the room warm enough? Body temperature tends to drop when we relax – that’s why it’s common to feel cold when tired. Application of cold potions and creams may also make you feel a tad on the chilly side. Do make sure that the room is heated sufficiently.

3)Unplug the house phone and turn off all mobile phones and devices.  The last thing you want when you’re just about to slip into a relaxation induced coma is a phone screaming in your ear.

4) If you are having your facial when there are others in the house, do ask them not to disturb you. Threatening them with bodily harm usually does the trick.

5) Make sure you have enough hot water. Your beautician will need a supply of warm/hot water, so pop on your heater if you need to.

6) If you don’t want your neighbours peeking in on you, close your blinds or curtains – this also helps with the whole relaxing process.

7) When you book your appointment ask if your beautician will be playing relaxing music. I find that spa music adds to the whole facial experience, it will also drown out any everyday activities that may be going on outside your home.

8) Light some scented candles, a calming fragrance will help waft you into a state of deeper relaxation.

9) If you work from home, try not to have your facial in your office/work room. You may find it impossible to relax when you are surrounded with reminders of your work life.

10 ) Enjoy!

Keep the above in mind, and let me know how it goes.

As for the heroine in our fairy tale of old? With a bit of help from Natasha, she and her epidermis will hopefully live happily ever after 🙂

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